Astrix’s P.O.V


Damn that hurts!

Pain sliced through my skull as I slowly came back into consciousness.

I tried to open an eye lid but the light pierced straight through my head and I had to close them again. I waited a few moments trying to get used the pain. I could hear noise. There was a rustling near my head, as well as movements from all around me.

I squinted to try and see. At first I saw only light that pounded my head but the longer I looked the more that became visible. I saw shadows at first moving around. They started to grow details and I could suddenly see them. People

They had grey clothes that you would expect medieval people to wear. Aprons and dresses for the woman and grey trousers for the men. Many men had no tee-shirts on and you could see deep lacerations cut into their fronts and backs. All the clothes were dirty, none of the people looked as if they had had a good bath recently.

I looked around my surroundings. I was still in a forest but it looked different. The trees were oaks and pines so closely compact that they were almost a wall barricading you inside. There were little huts made of wooden planks that looked like they had been there for years suffering torrents of wind and rain yet they did not look safe or warm.

As my vision improved I saw a house further back from the rest, surrounded by a wall. The wall was tall, at least 3 meters high yet I could still see two sets of windows and the roof meaning it must be an impressively sized house. Yet if there was this giant house not too far away, why did it look like these people were living in huts.

I tried to sit up to turn around and look some more but finally noticed the state of my body. I was naked, my clothes torn up from my shift yesterday, there were deep cuts seeping a little blood onto the ground surrounding me littering up my arms and legs. It looked like I had been dragged through the forest to where I was now. This wasn’t what caught my attention first though. I was tied up.

My hands were in front of me cuffed together with rope tied to them,  it lead to a wooden post that had been pounded into the ground a couple of feet from me. My ankles and knees too were tied together stopping me from wriggling far.

The knots were tight and I could not get out of the cuffs or the rope. I was stuck.

I heard a shuffling from behind me but couldn’t move enough to see what was going on. Suddenly all noise stopped.

A menacing chuckle sounded from behind my head that had goose bumps prickling all over my skin. I moved my eyes upwards and saw a man who looked to be in his 40’s standing above me. He had brown hair that was going slightly grey. He could be called attractive if it wasn’t for the glare plastered on his face. His eyes seemed to change from the swirling blue to a dark brown that I knew would haunt my dreams for the rest of my life if I lived through this.

His lips pulled back from his teeth and a growl sounded through the village we were in. All sound started up again as people began to scurry away from the menacing figure.

He stalked around me to squat in front of me. He did not wear the same dishevelled clothes that the other people wore. He wore a blue suit that highlighted his muscled physique. Muscles that screamed of a power to rip you piece from piece.

My eyes began foggy and I knew that I was falling into unconsciousness again. I wondered how bad my head wound was for a moment before a searing pain shot from my thigh. My eyes opened wide, all traces of unconsciousness fled. Tears ran down my face and I bit my lip from screaming.

He was holding a large metal rod, one end a bright red that I knew he had just pressed into the flesh of my thigh. He again pressed the iron to my skin, my shoulder this time. I could not hold in the scream.

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