Pierce the veil facts

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1. Vic Fuentes is Catholic.

2. The first song Vic learnt to play on guitar was Brainstew by Green Day

3. Mike Fuentes has a tattoo of Harry Potter.

4. Mike named his beard Chubaca.

5. Jaime Preciado lost his virginity at 18.

6. Jaime looks for a sense of humor in a girl.

7. Tony Perry can solve a rubics cube in 2 minutes.

8. Tony has a tattoo of a turtle.

9. Vic got the idea of the name Pierce the Veil from a concept he learned in his sociology class in college. Pierce the veil means if you have a problem, you should go directly to the source of the problem and cut it out.

10. They all like Hot Pockets and eggo waffles.

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