Our parents voice made us turn our attention to them.

"we need to talk. NOW!"

we both followed our parents up the stairs down a hall, in to a room, but Lisa, my mother, and hers went into another room.

Mr. Matthews close the doors behind him.

We sat in silent for a couple of minutes.

I could practically hear Lisa and her mom talking. Saying something about us. I couldn't really hear every words because they were so Disoriented, but I knew it was about us.

"you and My daughter are not sleeping in the same room anymore, I'm moving you to another room."

My eyes widened in shock.

Me.... Lisa..... Not in the same room... Wait... What?!.. Meandlisanotinthesamefuckingroom!!! Why? It's not like we have..... Done... Anything. Oh my fucking God! They think we had sex!

"We didn't even do anything!"

"You may of haven't done anything now, but you can still do something, and I don't want my daughter to become pregnant at 18."

They think I wanna fuck her, get her fucking pregnant, then leave her, broken and vulnerable. Do they think I'm that low.


"No don't s-"

"No sir, listen to me, I love your daughter."

He laid his head in his lap, before looking at me again. "It's hard you know? Seeing your little girl grow up in front of you- but in my case almost 9 years of her growing up. She had to tell her brother about everything; her first kiss, first crush, first date, first heartbreak, her first everything- while I , on the other hand, didn't get to be there. I missed almost everything, every chance to watch her and Tony grow up."

"I'm sorry sir. I didn't kn-"

"Just don't hurt her. okay?"

I nodded at him. "I will never hurt her."

He gave me a salute before exiting the room. I could see the pain and tears in his eyes.

I laid back on the wall and slide down to the floor in frustration.

"How long? How long have you two been dating?"


It went quiet again, so I laid my head back on the wall
"So I guess you told her, huh?" My father said.

Was he talking about Emma?

I looked up from the pale wall and look at him.

"Emma? Yea I told Lisa. I thought she was going to leave me, because she would think I'm a loser who can't get over his dead ex, and she would probably go back to Ryan. But she was never like that. She cried, not me- as if she felt my pain, as if she knew what I was going through. But that's the thing about Lisa. She cared for others before herself!"

My dad had a smile on his face. "You really love her, don't you?"

"Yes dad. I really love her. I really do."

"Did you tell her? Does she feel the same way about you?"

"Yes I told her and she said it back dad. She feel the same way." I said happily.

Oh god. I sound like a girl gossiping over their crush when they said hi.

"Okay sonny boy, I'm happy for you. I never thought I would live to see a day to hear you say you love a girl and settle down." He laughs.

"Ha - ha - ha. Very funny dad, I'm serious. I love her and I want to be married to her and have her be the mother of my children. Like you and mom." I said.

Everything's true. I want to have a future with this girl.

"Make sure this is what you want son."

I nodded my head.

It's exactly what I want dad. Exactly!

THIS BRINGS ME TO TEARS OMLLLLLLLLLL!!!! I did this myself. I really think they would be cute together. by the way, it almost ending and I may write a sequel. also, I started writing other books, would you mind reading it. Thank you for the votes and the comment, love you to death.

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