disappearance of Sasuke uchiha

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Hey guys how are you to day

OK so anyway this chapter is gonna be longer than the other chapters I made just for you guys and........

Sasuke : stop talking so much and do the story already and why do I have to disappear

Cause I can Sasuke no complaining

Naruto : I'm on Sasuke's side why does he have to go out could of got ride of sasukie menma and him needs to be separated

Cause something special will happen and I'm gonna make menma jelous on the next chapter he may be happy now but just you wait *laughs evily*



Waking up in the morning the blond got up from his bed or Sasuke's bed as he relized a sertain Uchiha was missing so he got up and went to see if sasuke was in the kitchen no sasuke he check the the bathroom no sasuke he checked the living room no sasuke he checked his and menma room no sasuke itachi's room no sasuke he check every where and still couldn't find sasuke, so he knocked on sasukie door since he didn't open it while searching "hmm oh hey Naruto" sasukie says as he had his door opened a little only to see his face "sasukie......have you seen sasuke" Naruto asked as he had to cover his nose at the unsettling smell coming from sasukie's room "uh ya he went out just a few hours ago he said he was gonna be right back" sasukie says as he ran his fingers threw his messy hair, "oh OK thanks" Naruto says as he backed away and went to the living room as he took a deep breath.

As he soon laid on the couch and stayed quiet as he waited silently waiting for sasuke to return either that or menma at least.

The blond had nothing to do at all as he waited for the uchiha to return but he never did actually not know what to do he played with his 9 tails out of bordom as he couldn't do anything what so ever soon menma come down the hall and just as Naruto was about to sag something he was interpret "sorry Naruto can't talk I got work to do" menma says as he walked into the kitchen leaving his twin brother sad and lonely so he decided to go into his and menma's room and roll around on his bed that he hasn't slept on in a while as he curled up in a ball as he lowered his ears as he started thing, where was sasuke as he soon just stared of into space while he was thinking about something to do while he waited for sasuke.

After a while nighttime came and sasukie was the one cooking dinner as he didn't relize his brother was missing at all he wasn't even sure of it until Naruto opened his mouth "where is sasuke" he asked while lowering his ears "maybe he had to go in a mission all of a sudden and won't be back for a while so Naruto nodded as he finished his dinner and soon went, off to take a bath than got ready for bed as he curled up under his covers and went to sleep only to wake up screaming as he got hit with a pillow "shut up Naruto" menma growled as he went back to sleep while Naruto just lowered his ear and curled up in his covers and not going back to sleep fearing he'll have another nightmare he wasn't good with the dark still as he looked over to his brother who seemed to be sleeping peacefully, and not wanting to wake him up Naruto climbed out of bed and left as he went into Sasuke's room and curled up in a ball as he still didn't go to sleep until 500 in the morning.

He was woken up bye menma as he was excused "5 more minutes I'm still sleepy" he says "no get up we got school today so hurry and get ready" menma says as he dragged Naruto off Sasuke's bed and forcefully dressed Naruto and dragged him to the kitchen and sat the blond down.

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