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Hey, so I started writing this story over 8 months ago actually and then abandoned it after writing like 7 chapters because I got really busy and had a bit of writers block but I figured I can maybe start getting back into it a little bit by posting some of it now. This is a Laurmani fic, because 1. thats my absolute favorite ship 2. they are not a ton of Laurmani fics around 3. I am so sick of Camren fics, especially since I cannot stand that ship. So yeah I'm gonna see how this goes if there is a good response maybe I will keep going with it so please after you read let me know what you think, honesty is the best thing here I will not get offended if you think my writing sucks. The only other fic I wrote was a complete joke so this one is gonna be totally different which is why I need yall to tell me if it is good or not. It's gonna be a lot more serious and angsty and it's going to go into some deep issues so possible trigger warnings in some chapters. If at any point you think I am displaying something in a poor or tasteless manner or if something I say is inaccurate or offensive PLEASE PLEASE tell me! 



P.S. I won't be posting chapter 1 until tomorrow because it is already 12:30am 

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