The 2016 Awards- Finalists

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•Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios by StraNgeloveXoXo
•Creepypasta: The New Bloods by xX_DJ_Gamer_Xx
•The Heaven and Hell Series by waywardlucifer
•The Reality of it All by EternalLaughter
•A Dementor's Kiss by PartTimeStoryteller
•Prince Royce's Sister by MusicDreamer80

•Eternal Darkness by Sakura_paw_
•Born to Die by Ezmer15garcia
•Arwain Chronicles by IceheartPhoenix
•Animal Heart by Kidatash
•TheE SpEciAL by 1Half_RollinGirl

General Fiction
•Deadly Secrets by a-dora-ble
•The Undoing of Ryder Burke by clarifications
•Broken Perceptions by chasing_uncertainty
•Don't Leave Me by background21
•In Love! Again... by background21

Historical Fiction
•Mudsills and Mooncussers by IrisChacon2
•The Apprentice by pulidomia
•Queen! by background21
•Not A Slave by background21
•Sands of Yore by KM_Warcop

•Survive by LizPer7
•Sweet Dreams, Darling by hanna443
•Flashback by Creepypasta_074
•Faulty by Creepypasta_074
•[Original] Creepypasta Stories by misssmartstuff

•The Summer of Striped Tees by cleverwren
•The Book Of Puns That Will Piss Off Your Friends by CinnamonToastTurtle
•Love Me Like Your Kidneys by pastel-feels
•Of The Sane by -Little_Miss_Emo-
•Everyone Died and My Phone Stopped Working by AaronRubicon

•The Congregation of Choke Berry Street by tranquilstars
•Gang Days by waywardlucifer
•Web of Twisted Truth by background21
•Black Rose by CinnamonToastTurtle
•Dead In Bed, Book 2 by Adrian_Birch

•Only Stars Know by thatbarista
•Alphabet Soup by charmed-life
•She Scribbles by MissAlmostGrown
•It by DannyCepul
•Random Spurts of Poetry by A_Poetic_Kill

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