So due to me playing Pokémon Go, I have been recently watching some of the Pokémon movies. And no, I haven't seen Mewtwo Strikes Back. I know, you may now proceed to maim me.

I barely remember anything about any of the earlier Pokémon movies (I was in 4th grade when I first saw the lot of them, give me a break), with the sole exception of Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea. And I rewatched that movie in Japanese with subs and I cried at the end, plain and simple.

And can I just rant about this movie for a minute?

I get the fact that Temple of the Sea has a couple of flaws, especially concerning the main antagonist of the film and the overall pacing of the plot. But for the people who say that May/Haruka was out of character, I have only three words to say to you: What. The. Fuck.

Like seriously, this is the reason I often hear for this argument: "May was out of character because she was way too maternal, and [I see Misty taking this role more than her]."

Okay, here's my counter argument: With her personality, May had the perfect opening to have a maternal side. Also, she had to take care of Max, her own fucking brother, who was considerably younger than her. So don't you dare use this argument against me.

IN ADDITION, it may be just me, but no matter how badass, sassy and intelligent a female character can be, I do feel that they can have a maternal side when the time calls for it. (With the sole exception of Olivier Armstrong, but we're not talking about her right now. XD) For example, take a look at Hermione, and yes, I am going to use her as a constant example because she's a well written character. Hermione is canonically (and in real life as well) known as the brightest witch of her age. Her personality on the whole is more or less grating on some of the characters. Often times, due to that, she more or less acts like a stern mother towards Harry and Ron whenever they do something utterly stupid (correct me if I'm wrong on this). But without her, Harry and Ron would have been dead within their first year, and even the two themselves have admitted this multiple times. May, for me at least, fits into that same category. She's a strong-willed character that has come rather far, from hating Pokémon on sight to literally having a motherly relationship/bond with Manaphy, a newborn Legendary Pokémon that hatched in her hands.

Needless to say, this movie was the last time we saw May and Max, so this movie was a proper sendoff for me, at least in terms of May.

(Okay, back to the overall rant.)

With that said, having only seen the dub of Pokémon on the whole, I decided to get onto kissanime and watch the subs....and man are they so much better. It's like I'm returning back to form after seeing some really bad dubbing changes.

I mean, as I mentioned in my first Pokémon rant, Ash's actual name is Satoshi, Misty's was Kasumi, May's was Haruka, Max's was Masato, Brock's was Takashi, Dawn's was Hikari.

Even good old Team Rocket got them as well. Jessie's is Musashi, James' is Kojirō, and Meowth' Nyarth.

Yes, even the damn Pokémon got a name change. 

At first, I thought it was a mistake in the subs. But nope. Meowth's name in the original Japanese version, is Nyarth.

You see, I really didn't mind any of the changes made in the dub. I mean, what are you gonna do, hunt down 4Kids and the new dubbing crew and demand that they re-dub it with no changes whatsoever?

Anyway, I really didn't mind it until I watched Giratina and the Sky Warrior in Japanese and found that Piplup's actual name is Pochama.

And that's when I got really annoyed.

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