Sharon had been six weeks pregnant. She couldn't believe it. A tiny life was inside of her and though Casey had told her before they started their relationship he never wanted to have kids, she thought he'd be just as happy as her. Oh, he'd be shocked at first. But they were both everything they wanted in a partner. And they'd been together for a year and a half. Settling down and starting a family was obviously the next step.

She shouldn't have counted her chickens. Because by the end of the night and all through the next week Sharon cried until her face looked like a puffer fish.

Barbara cleared her throat and interrupted Sharon's thoughts. Possibly the only good thing she'd done so far. But Sharon spoke to herself too soon.

"Actually, it was my idea to invite you to lunch." Barbara blushed and stretched her hand across the red-white checkered table cloth to grasp Casey's hand.

Sharon arched her brow. She didn't like where this was going.

"I've heard so much about you and your son CJ. You're both a part of Casey and...I- we, will love it if CJ will be ring bearer."

The noise of the restaurant disappeared and Sharon had trouble breathing. She started at Casey and his fiancee, her mouth opening and closing like a fish gasping for air. She did not hear what she just heard. Getting an invitation to their nuptials was bad enough. Now this? When did she jump, more like was pushed, into the fire.

"Y-you want," said Sharon, unable to stop the incredulous tone in her voice. "My son-"

"Our son," interjected Casey, speaking up for the first time. "Yes. We want CJ to be part of the wedding."

"If it's alright with you," added Barbara, leaning forward.

If it's alright with her? Alright with her? No matter the answer given it'd be Sharon who had to have suffer. If she said no like she was dying to then she'd be no better than like the vicious mothers, who purposely block fathers from seeing their children. If she said yes, she'll have front row seats of the disgusting public display of affection she saw earlier. Worse, she'll be constantly reminded that Casey's bride is not her.

That she could deal with as long as she was so far away from the event she could pretend it was a figment of her imagination. A horrible, horrible imagination. But with CJ as ringbearer, as his mother she'll be a part of the festivities as well from association.

The waiter picked the moment of silence to ask for their orders. Saved by the waiter thought Sharon as she ordered her favorite grilled chicken fettuccine alfredo and a glass of their Cabernet Sauvignon. She didn't hear what Casey and Barbara ordered as her mind was still weighing the pros and cons of saying no or yes.

Besides she still had to sit down and talk to CJ that his dad was getting married. She'd put it off long enough and planned to do it today. Asking her son if he'd like to carry the rings as well were more than she think she can handle.

The waiter returned with their drinks and quickly sipped her wine as she studied Barbara. Who by the nervous smile on her face and fidgeted in her seat, planned to continue where they left off.

"Actually," Barbara said with a slight tremor in her voice.

Yup, just like I thought.

"Casey and I, talked it over. And we'd really love it if CJ and you too, can be part of the wedding."

Sharon couldn't decide what was worse. Having to look and listen to the crazy woman before her. Or drinking anymore of the cabernet which tastes like bitter grapes squeezed with a handheld juicer that hadn't been washed for months.

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