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(Original Content. Follow up to #18. Medieval AU, I'm sure you get the point.)

"Dear Lady Marinette,
Tonight there will be a ball to celebrate the bride candidates. You are to wear the dress that is chosen for you after you told the seamstress your size, when you first arrived. The prince will be searching for a bride tonight, so will his father, and the king's secretary. We wish you luck."

"Saying they wish me luck, gives me a uneasy feeling." Marinette shrugs. She smiles remembering this morning when she saw Adrien. He looked shocked. "He probably wasn't expecting me." She giggles. Marinette opens the giant closet and is happy to see a beautiful red dress. It sparkled and even had black little polka dots in some places.

She got dressed and went to the ball room. It was huge. So many people were already in here. The royal family wasn't in here yet though. Marinette was a little bit afraid to see Adrien, what if he's mad? She did leave out of the blue. He'd probably be mad.

"ANNOUNCING KING GABRIEL AND PRINCE ADRIEN!" A guard yells. The two important men walk into the ball room and head for their thrones. All the maidens bow to them. Adrien easily spotted Marinette.

The party went on for a little while, Adrien made sure to keep watching on Marinette. "It seems you've chosen a girl." His father smiles. Adrien smiles still looking at Marinette.

"You remember the girl I told you about?"

"The one who saved your life and that you fell in love with?"

"Yeah. She's here." Adrien says before dismissing himself and heading over to Marinette.

"Hello, my sweet little temptress." Adrien whispers in Marinette's ear. She shivers and turn to face Adrien. She blushes.

"Please don't call me that. I've been trying to forget that time in my life." Marinette says quietly.

"I'm terribly sorry. But I've missed you." Adrien says hugging her tight.

"You d-d-did? I thought you'd hate me."

"I could never hate the woman I love and the mother of my child." Adrien whispered.

"Really? You still love me after all I did?"

"Of course, m'lady. You love me still, right?"

"I've never stopped. I tell Hugo all these stupid little stories about you."

"Hugo. That's our son. You actually used the names I wanted..."

"Yeah, of course I used the names. They meant a lot to you." Marinette smiles. Adrien smiles back and the two spend the rest of the night dancing and talking.

The next morning Marinette woke up to a note on her bedside table, "Who would have guessed that you and Prince Adrien would get along so well. We were both so cute together last night. And even better you are in the top two! It would have been the top three, but one girl brought up the passed queen. That's a HUGE no. Don't ever bring her up in front of the King. Good Luck.
Signed, Rose."

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