Chapter 43

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England, 1245

Old grey eyes focused on him and his brother as they faced one another.

It would be the last time they see him. If all goes according to plan he will soon be reunited with his love. Or so the gypsy woman says.

It was time.....

He heard her mention.

He turned again to Aidan. He swallowed hard at the lump in his throat.

"Remember what I asked of you. Write it all down I want every detail."
He insisted.

Aidan gave a devilish smile that Duncan scowled at.

"Brother I am not including details of my love life or how I perform in the marriage bed or any other bed there of." he chuckled softly as Duncan sighed.

"No you dolt, but of your life you will," he saddened.

"I want to know of every occurence, from your marriage if you ever do ...marry. I pray that you will brother. I want to know of your children, your wife, if possible your childrens children and so forth." he said.

Aidan nodded swallowing hard.

"I will. I give my oath I will." he paused before Duncan roughly pulled him into a tight embrace.

He whispered in his brothers ear words he never expressed to him growing up. I love you brother...

Aidan tightened his hold on him and repeated it back. It was a tearful farewell as their father joined in.

His father faced him. They spoke of what measures they took to explain his absence and he was fine with it.
He could not bare being without took his life.....

In two days time it would be mentioned to their people.

They stepped away and turned to face the young gypsy woman that slowly approached him.

Wearily, he watched her step closer with a wooden bowl in her hand and a small jeweled dagger in the other.

She motioned for Aidan to hold the bowl beneath Duncans hand. He looked around and noticed in his fathers solar only 3 candles were lit on the floor. When his gaze returned to hers as she began to speak.

She spoke of what they are about to do. That she is doing can only be done once. He understood when she mentioned he can never return.

"Are you ready?" she asked holding his left hand over the bowl.

He swallowed hard looking around. His eyes landed on his father then on Aidan with their encouraging nods he turned to her and said yes.

"So be it," she said and immediately pressed the dagger to his palm slicing it through lightly breaking the skin just enough to get a trickle of blood. He watched as she placed a piece Tara's gown filled with blood into it as well.

His eyes saddened and looked away. His chest tightened at the sight of it.

His father ever so inquisitive and watchful questioned her actions. Duncans eyes then focused on the blood dripping from his hand into the bowl.

"It is what will bind him to his lost love." she said.

Puzzled, Aidan asked why wasn't this done for Tara? Duncan focused as well on her needing an answer.

"This spell is volatile. It would have send her back in any part of her time before she is born after she is born there was no guarantee when or where she would have ended up in her timeline, and that could have been detrimental" she turned to Duncan.

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