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~Crystal's custom^^^^~


It was Halloween day and the servants were rushing around the manor getting everything ready. Sebastian was putting up decorations, as told my Crystal, while Ciel and Crystal we're getting them selves ready for Halloween.

Crystal was in her room, making her own costume. Ciel on the other hand didn't like dressing up, he didn't even really like Halloween, so he decided to stay in his study until this whole thing past through. He didn't even know Crystal had planned on decorating and going out for trick or treating.

After a while, Crystal finally finished her costume. She used purple fabric and ruffles in order to make the bottom part of her dress and added a hoodie that had bunny ears. She put on black tights and purple shoes and slid the dress on. She then hurried over to Ciel's room to grab a spare eye patch, which she modified putting a small bunny on it. She then put the eye patch over her left eye (Which is missing ;-;). After, she hurried over to Ciel's study. "Onii'chan!" Crystal yelled out as she opened the door. He looked up from his paper work and smiled faintly at her costume. "Do you like it? I made it myself." She spun around making her dress puff up. "It looks lovely." She smiled widely, but then frowned. "Where's your costume." Ciel sighed. "I don't like dressing up for Halloween." "But you have to!" Crystal ran over and sat across from him. "Please Onii-chan! I made your costume just for you!" Ciel sighed, not really in the mood to have to deal with all this. "Do I have to?" She nodded quickly. "Fine, but I'm getting my own costume." Crystal smiled. Slightly disappointed, but was still happy that he was going to go.

After forcing Ciel to finally get into his costume, Crystal danced around him. He wore the pigtail wig and pink dress from the Jack the Ripper case. Since he refused every other costume and was left with this one. "You look so pretty, Onii-chan! Or do I mean Big sister!" Ciel blushed, Crystal only laughed. Once they reached the main stairs, Ciel froze. ". . . What the bloody hell is all this?!" He was shocked to see the entrance to the manor completely decorated. Bats hanged from the ceiling, along with orange and black ribbons. Sebastian placed craved pumpkins on both sides of the front entrance. Crystal giggled at Ciel's reaction. "Do you like it?" "What did you do to my manor?!" Ciel looked around, shocked at all of this. "I decorated. Isn't pretty?" Crystal smiled. He sighed, not happy about all this. "I see you're quite dressed up, young master." Sebastian said while walking over to them. Ciel blushed ever so slightly. "Or should I say, Mistress?" Sebastian clucked as Crystal laughed. "Oh shut up!"

Crystal jumped up in excitement. "Oh, I almost forgot!" She turned towards Ciel. "Can we have a Halloween party?" "No." Crystal frowned. "But I have everything planned for one." "No. I hate parties and I'm not going to let people see me in this." He gripped the sides of the his dress tightly. "You don't have to wear that, you could wear the outfit I made for you." After a few moments of silence past through both Crystal and Ciel, he finally nodded slightly. "Fine." Crystal jumped up. "Yay! Oh thank thank thank Onii-chan!" "Yeah, yeah." Sebastian cleared his throat to get the attention of Crystal and Ciel. "If you don't mind me asking, what exactly do you plan on doing for this party?" Crystal looked up at Sebastian. "It's gonna be a scary party! Where people can walk around the manor and get spooked!" "How will you make that happen?" He looked around the manor, imaging the people screaming in terror. "With your help of course! You are a demon so you can make anything happen. Why, you can even use your true form and people will think that it's just a costume." Sebastian shook his head. "My true form is something no one would like to see." He placed his hand over his chest. "So, I will only help with the decoration." She nodded slightly. "While you're doing that. Onii-chan and I can go Trick or Treating." She hugged Ciel's arm tightly, almost dragging him out of the manor. "B-But I can't go like this!" "Don't be silly, you look great!"

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