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Pen Your Pride

Harry's POV

"Hey Harry? Do you know where's Percy? He's been gone for over half an hour and I'm getting really worried. He was suppose to meet me fifteen minutes ago," Annabeth's upset tone filled my ears as she appeared next to me.

"I have no idea. Do you think he's with Nico?" I asked her, craning my neck, trying to find Percy in the crowd.

"Nope, because I'm right here," Nico replied, standing on my other side. The bookshop was filled to bursting with people and Molly really wanted to just pay for the books and leave. Unfortunately, Percy chose that time to disappear.

I pushed my way through the crowd, looking for familiar faces with Annabeth and Nico right behind me. The shop was really crowded and even I was feeling a little stifled but we needed to find Percy first. We reached the front of the shop, where everybody was gathered, patiently waiting.

"Any sign of him?" Molly asked anxiously, clearly eager to leave.

I shook my head and she sighed, bracing herself to fight her way through the crowd again. Clarisse gave a snort and shook her head in disgust while Tyson looked ready to cry. He was really super protective of his half-brother.

"There he is!" Grover exclaimed, a relieved smile spreading over his face. Thalia grinned over at Annabeth whose eyes were twinkling as Percy walked over to us, his face expressionless. Tyson immediately beamed happily.

"Where're your books? Didn't you get them?" Ron groaned, hating the thought of having to go back in there. Annabeth threw her arms around Percy but her expression turned confused when he didn't bother lifting his arms to hug her back.

"What's wrong Percy?" She asked, holding him at arm's length, her hands on his shoulders. He ignored her and turned towards me, his eyes blank.

A cold shiver went up my back. Something was seriously wrong here. Percy's a cheerful person although he can be moody sometimes and he would never dare to ignore Annabeth. Especially seeing how much he loves her. "Annabeth, get away from Percy," I warned her, my eyes fixed on Percy, whose face was still void of emotions.

"What're you talking about, Harry?" She asked, her expression confused as her hands fell away from Percy's shoulders.

"Annabeth, get - " I started to yell when Percy unsheathed his sword and shoved Annabeth away. She landed on the ground with a bump, staring at him with a hurt and shocked expression.

Thalia quickly ran over to her and helped her up, putting an arm around her comfortingly while glaring at Percy. "What is your problem, Seaweed Brain?" She demanded furiously.

"Harry Potter," He said, his face still expressionless and his voice monotonous.

"Blimey, I think he's under a spell. Probably the Imperius Curse," Ron muttered to me as we pulled out our wands. "Remember how Mad-Eye Moody placed it on us? That's exactly how he looks like."

"Capture Harry Potter," Percy murmured as if under a trance. His head suddenly snapped up and his green eyes glared at me. Gripping his sword tight, he charged.

Taken by surprise, I would've been dead had not Ron push me out of the way. Percy's sword slashed down at the spot where my whole body had been a few second ago. He whirled around just as Arthur raised his wand, with a resigned but determined look on his face.

"Stupefy!" He yelled. A jet of red light flew out from his wand, aiming straight at Percy's face but he was quicker. He threw himself to the side, landing behind an alleyway between two shops. By this time, the commotion had attracted the attention of everyone in the crowd. Panicked shouts and mutters filled the air as people rushed away in fear, not realising that they one attacking didn't have magic.

"Harry, get out of here! He's only after you and someone's obviously placed him under a curse to do that. GO!" Arthur shouted to me over the crowd which were close to stampeding now, due to their fear.

I hesitated however, fearing that someone would get hurt by Percy. But taking one look at Annabeth's stricken face, it was clearly the right thing to do. The demigods were panicking, their leader had been attacked and they didn't want to hurt him, not even Clarisse and she tried to pick a fight with him every time she got.

"Let's go!" I shouted, pulling Annabeth, making sure she moved. Thalia followed, her face troubled and a single tear on her face. Even though they fought all the time, I knew Percy was like a brother to her and she couldn't bear the thought of him getting hurt.

Screams suddenly erupted from behind us. My curiosity and anxiousness overcame me and I turned my head to see Percy going one-on-one with Arthur even though he couldn't use magic. But for someone he couldn't, he was dodging all the spells with ease and not even a sweat breaking out on his face. Arthur, on the other hand, was struggling. Not one of his spells hit Percy and added on with a sword trying to kill him, he was having a hard time stopping him.

Unfortunately, Percy spotted me and with a snarl, used a nearby wall to push himself to me. He leaped forward, his sword by his side as he tackled me. We rolled over in the dirt, Percy pinning me down with his sword at my throat as my hand strained to reach my wand which had gone flying from me when I fell down.

Percy raised his sword and I struggled even more. He wouldn't kill me, I knew that, but his hilt was facing my face and that means he was about to use it to render me unconscious. After that, I would be helpless. I closed my eyes as his sword came slamming down.

Suddenly, flashes of red penetrated my closed eyelids and a scream vibrated through the air. I opened my eyes just as Percy fell off of me. His eyes were closed and the sword fell from his limp arm, crashing to the ground. His body was jerking as if he had a fit and blood was trickling down from his mouth. I sat up, shaken up just as Annabeth rushed over to Percy, her face streaming with tears and her lips quivering.

Hermione and Ron came running over to me and helped me up. "What happened?" I muttered to Ron as Hermione fussed over my dirty robes.

"You know when Percy was about to kill you? Yeah, well .. Mom, Dad and this other wizard kind of shot three stunning spells at the same time and it sort of collided and hit Percy .. " Ron trailed off, his expression troubled.

"What?" I stared at him in horror then back to Percy, where all the demigods were gathered. Annabeth was crying full on as Thalia comforted her, and so was Tyson while Grover was awkwardly patting him on the back. Clarisse did her best to hold down Percy's jerking body as Nico examined him.

"He's alive but his pulse is weak," Nico announced. "We should get him to a hospital, quick." Even Clarisse looked nervous and uncertain.

"Let's bring him to St. Mungo's," Arthur said wearily. "I'm really sorry, Annabeth." He told her softly, placing a hand on her shoulder. She just shook her head, unable to form the words as Thalia gazed at her sadly.

Without another word, Arthur waved his wand and Percy floated up in the air. We made our way out of the staring crowd in silence. I kept my head down, one thought floating through my mind.

Who placed the curse on Percy?

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