Chapter 9

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(Long chapter)
Lauren's POV
It's been a week and all of the vampires and the newborn and I drove back to the woods. We went everywhere getting teens who were on the street, we got homeless people, we got what we could get out hands on. We ended up getting 15 newborns. And we trained them a little, and letting them know what's going on.

We all were in the woods seeing the werewolves and walk towards us in a human form. "Is she the other leader?" A boy asked Brad. He had bleached hair and a beard. Lots of tattoos and a white smile. "That's her." He said. We all lined up, all the vampires and newborn looking at all the werewolves. "I'm Zayn, I'm the alpha." He said so strongly and stern.

I think he was supposed to intimidate me with how powerful he sounded and looked, and he did. "I'm Lauren, I'm the Donovan." I told him knowing that Donovan means strong fighter. I tried to sound intimidating and I think it worked because Zayn shook my hand.

"Brad, can I have a word with you?" I looked at him, I pulled away from the line and Brad and I walked near a tree. "Do you know how long we have to train?" I asked looking back seeing Zayn and his pack interacting with our family. "No, but that's why we must start training." Brad told me.

"Okay, what are their names?" I asked looking at one boy talking to Ally. "That's Niall with Ally. Justin's talking to Ariana, Nick is with Zayn and Dylan is talking to Harry." Brad told me as we looked at the big group. "Okay, and the newborns are informed some of them are scared." I told him turning my head seeing the new born not really talking to everyone. "We are all. Donovan." Brad teased me, I smiled feeling him nudge my shoulder.

"Well did you hear Zayn with the alpha line. I had to say something powerful." I told him. "But really Brad, thanks for helping the vampires and I. I know it doesn't involve you guys but thanks for not leaving." I told him turning my head.

"You guys are family, we all need something like that in this world." Brad said pausing for a few seconds. "You know not all of us are going to make it." Brad told me getting serious. We all knew that at this point. "I know." I said looking at my brother smile from what Ariana and Justin said. I saw how Normani was finally talking to Dinah and laughing with her.

We weren't ready for the war, emotionally or physically. We all have to prepare to lose some friends wen war does start. And I don't think anyone is ready for that. "We can't back out now." I reminded him looking back at him.

"What's going to happen with Kendall on the day of the war?" I asked seeing Brad look at his girlfriend talking to Louis. "Probably taking her to the house. I'm not letting her fight, I can't lose her again and if I give her a knife it won't help her." Brad told me, "What about your girlfriend?" Brad asked making me smile when I heard him say girlfriend.

"I told her to stay in her house." Brad looked back at me surprised, "Did you tell her?" I shook my head. "No, I just said stuff is about to go down and to stay in her room." Brad looked at me and nodded, "Was she okay with that?"

I shook my head, "Not really, but if only she knew what's really going on she would listen." I told him. "Or she would get freaked out and cut you out of her life." Brad told me, "I know you want her to know but there's more to a person then just what they say." Brad told me.

He changed the subject, "Lauren, promise me that if I don't make it out then do everything in your power to be a great leader." Brad told me softly. "You're not going to die, we all your back." I told him turning to him. "But I'm just saying if I don't make it, be a leader everyone needs." Brad told me looking at me. We stared into each other's eyes.

Brad and I leaned in, I held his shoulders and he held my hips controlling my body. Our lips were about to touch when we bursted out laughing. "I-I thought- but-." Brad said laughing. We pulled away laughing. "Don't they do that in romantic movies?" I asked seeing Brad nod his head.

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