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Tris's POV
That was like a shot going through my heart. He was the one person who always made me feel beautiful and wanted. Now he's the one tearing me down.
"You can go now," Tori says. I stand up and say good bye. When I get home Tobias isn't there. Every Saturday night, he works over time.
When he does get home though, I don't look at him. If I do, the words he said will just come back to me. "Tris, can we talk?" He asks. He takes a seat next to me. I now look at him. "I'm just really stressed right now. I'm furious with myself. Everything I said, I don't know why I said that. Nothing was true. I love every inch of you. Your body is amazing. Please forgive me," He says.
I can tell he means every word he said. Looking into his ocean blue eyes, I fall even deeper. His mom abandoned him and his father beat him. I can't be another bad thing that has happened in his life. "I love you so much Tobias. I forgive you."

AU: Fight and make up. Please comment your thoughts and ideas for later chapters. Be brave 🔪🔪🔪

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