#8- we meet the schuylers

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Alex didn't know why he agreed to let Herc and Laf take him and John to a gay bar. He didn't know how he, with all his wonderful powers of persuasion was dragged into this.

When they stepped in the place, who was waiting for them? It was James Madison, Alex's ex, red in the face and grinding on a tall man with shaggy blonde hair.

"Abort abort!" yelled Alex. "Nope, no way, we're leaving! Okay this was fun, thank you and goodbye!"

John grabbed Alex's hand and pulled him onto the dance floor. "Why so shy, Alex?" he asked, smiling. John placed Alex's hands on his shoulders and placed his hands on Alex's hips. John pulled Alex closer and whispered in his ear. "C'mon, dance with me."

At first, Alex was tentative, but he got into it, moving his hips with John and smiling.

Out of the blue, John grabbed Alex's hair and kissed him full on the mouth.

As they pulled back, Alex looked incredulous. "What was that for?" he asked.

"James was watching us." John said into Alex's ear. Alex turned to where James had been standing in time to see James storm off the dance floor angrily, leaving the poor blonde alone.

John and Alex joined Herc and Laf where they were standing, near a table in a far corner of the room with a good view of everything going on around them.

"Hey." smiled John, out of breath.

"Really going at it there, huh?" said Hercules, his arm wrapped around Laf's waist.

"I love you guys, but would you mind keeping it in your pants while we're in public? That'd be great, thanks." Laf added.

Alex blushed a violent shade of red.

They all heard a loud cough behind them. They turned to see a tall, bored looking girl with long curly hair wearing a patterned skirt and an unbuttoned flannel over a David Bowie shirt.

"My little sister made me come over here to say that she thinks that YOU are quote on quote 'super hot' " she said, pointing at Alex.

"Me?" he said, flustered.

"Yeah, you." she said. "My sister's that one over there." she pointed across the dance floor to a pretty dark-haired girl wearing a very tight blue tank top and a short black skirt.

"Damn Alex, I'd hit that." said Herc.

"Hey!" said Laf. "Remember me, your very hot boyfriend who is standing RIGHT HERE."

"Oh yeah, babe." said Herc. "I'd never forget about you, sexy."

"Ew guys, gross." said the flannel girl. "I'm Angelica, by the way."

"Hey, I'm Alex."


"Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Montier, Marquis de Lafayette. But you can just call me Laf."

"I'm HERCULES MULLIGAN! A tailor spying on the British government, I take their measurements, information and then I smuggle it to my brothers revolutionary covenant I'm running with the sons of liberty and I am LOVING IT! See, that's what happens when you up a against the ruffians, we in the shit now, somebody's gotta shovel it! Hercules Mulligan, I need no introduction, when you knock me down, I get the fuck back up again!"

Angelica looked at Herc with a very confused look on her face, but Alex, John and Laf rolled their eyes, annoyed.

"Do you seriously have to do that EVERY TIME you introduce youself. You are the reason that we have no friends besides John and Alex." said Laf, exasperated.

"No, it's cute." said Angelica.

"Sorry, honey, but he's taken." said Laf, wrapping his arm tighter around Herc.

"Oh no no no no no." said Angelica, laughing. "I don't like him. I don't like anyone. I'm aro/ace. You don't need to worry about me stealing your man."

"Question. If you're aro/ace and your sister is hitting on guys, why are you at a gay bar?" asked Alex.

"My sister is bi." said Angelica. "She's never been with a girl or even mentioned that she thinks a girl is pretty but she's still bi. However, my OTHER sister, is very gay. Like almost too gay to function."

Just then, Angelica's sisters walked up. There was the shiny-haired girl who didn't leave enough to the imagination, and another sister, smaller, wearing a black beanie and dark purple ripped skinny jeans with a black lives matter t-shirt.

"I'm gonna go get us drinks." said John.

"Hey." flirtatiously said the one wearing the tight fitting clothes. "I'm Eliza." she said with a slow smile of pouty pink lips.

"Alex." he responded, shooting back a smile.

From the bar, John looked over to see Eliza twirling her hair and touching Alex's leg while standing MUCH too close.

"Oh hell no." muttered John. "Ohhh HELL nah!"

"That little bitch getting too close to your man?" asked a voice.

"Yes, actually." responded John, turning to see a beautiful young brunette woman wearing a very tight fitting red dress and matching lipstick.

"I'm Maria, and I can help you with that little situation." she said with a determined look in her eyes. "Now here's the plan..."

John walked back to Alex with a beer in each hand. He placed the beers on the table and pulled Alex into a rough kiss.

They pulled away, and John turned to Eliza. "Have we met? My name's John and I'm Alex's boyfriend." He smiled sweetly. Eliza sulked away.

Maria approached the youngest sister. "Hey beautiful. I'm Maria."

"I'm Peggy." she replied.

"Do you wanna dance?" Maria asked, stepping closer to Peggy.

Peggy looked over Maria and her eyes widened. "YES." she said breathlessly. Maria whisked her onto the dance floor.

"Hey. You guys seem chill and we kinda desperately need other friends so if you want to hang out sometime, just hit me up." Angelica dropped a napkin on the table and disappeared into the crowd.

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