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Pen Your Pride

Rape chpt 1

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This is a sad and very GRAPHIC story. Im warning u before hand. lol

Chapter 1

Walking home from school, I spotted a car trailing behind me. At first I started to fake myself out and get scared, but then it passed by and I started to calm down. Next thing you know the same car pulled up behind me again. Starting to get paranoid, I walked a little faster; the van sped up and started to drive next to me, but I couldnt see the person driving in the car. I started to run. Im in a full out sprint with the car chasing just behind me. I can feel my heart pounding and my lungs tightening from the lack of oxygen. Tears swelled up in my eyes blocking my vision. I quickly rubbed them free so I can see. Theres nothing. No car, no sound, nothing.

I don't remember much, but as I began my walk again, a figure lurched out of the bushes, carried me to the parked van, and then everything went black.

I cannot explain how badly I hurt right now. My body aches from the bruises and wounds I have from fighting off those men. There was no point, I see that now. No one could have stopped the rape from coming. I feel dirty & violated, but there's nothing that I can do. No one can erase what just happened, and I fear that I will never get away from this horrible place. There is no one to talk to. Just the sound of drunk men cursing at each other and arguing over who gets to rape me next.

The next man came into my tiny room, wanting to take advantage of my sore, soiled body. I didn't put up a fight this time. I could still feel the sting on my face from being smacked, and the bruise under my eye from being punched until I lay limp and try not to think about what was happening to me.

Not caring about whether he hurt me or not, he quickly shoved himself into me, and the torture begun all over again, like a repeating nightmare that will never end. With every heave and thrust he gave, I could feel myself further rip; blood oozed its way down my leg.

Eventually he was satisfied, and man after man came and went throughout the night, torturing me as I cried out in pain. None of them cared. They were too drunk to care about anything.

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