Glasses 8

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Today was the day Jungkook finally graduated. He had gotten early like usual and was getting ready for today's graduation ceremony. The other boy was still sleeping. As Jungkook put on his last piece of clothing, the sleeping boy stirred up. "Jungkook?" The said boy turned around and looked at the owner of the voice.

"What are you doing?" He sleepily said and got up to walk towards Jungkook. "I'm getting ready." The latter answered. Taehyung rested his head in Jungkook's chest and closed his eyes again. "If you're sleepy, go back to bed." Jungkook chuckled.

"Never mind me, why're you getting ready?" Jungkook scooped the boy and carried him back to the bed. "Today's my graduation, remember?" Taehyung quickly opened his eyes and sat up. Staring at Jungkook with a sad puppy face. "Sorry I forgot."

"It's okay, Tae. If you're tired, go back to sleep." The said boy shook his head. "I'm going. Can you make breakfast so I could go and get ready?

"I already did. Just go and wash up, I'll call mom to meet us at the graduation hall." Taehyung nodded and walked to the bathroom.

"What are you going to do after you graduate?" Taehyung asked while Jungkook was driving. "I don't really know, what do you want me to do?" The latter glanced at the older boy before focusing on the road. "I don't know."

"Dad was saying that I should work in his company." Taehyung frowned. "But I won't get to see you often then." He mumbled but the other heard. "Or, I could be house-husband." Jungkook laughed. "Maybe."

"I'm getting allowance anyways, that's been holding us. I'm pretty sure I'll still get em'." Taehyung looked at the boy. "I know you said not to use my parents money, but it's okay Tae." The said boy sighed. "Fine. You can stay home." Jungkook smiled and nodded.

★ [ a.n: I'll just skip the whole graduation because it's boring ]

"Wha! You made it, Kookie!" Taehyung hugged the boy outside of the graduation hall. "I know right?" Jungkook smiled at the boy. "Guys, look this way!" Mrs. Jeon said, fixing the camera she brought. The two boys looked at the camera and smiled brightly. "I wanted to take a picture where you guys are kissing." Mrs. Jeon shyly said. "Eomma!" Jungkook flushed red. "We will, take pictures Mrs. Jeon!" Taehyung said and Mrs. Jeon's face brightened. She harshly nodded and positioned her camera.

Jungkook being a little taller, Taehyung tiptoed and kissed the boy. [a.n: i know tae is taller.] "aww, you guys are so cute!" Mrs. Jeon squealed and took several pictures. Taehyung smiled and pulled away. Jungkook frowned. "I wasn't ready." He pouted.

"We can always do it at home so shut up and let's take few more pictures. Mrs. Jeon! More pictures!" Taehyung jumped on Jungkook's back and did a peace sign. "Jungkook, can I take a picture with you?" A pretty looking girl came with flowers. Taehyung frowned and jumped off of Jungkook and walked towards Mrs. Jeon, not wanting to watch his boyfriend take picture with someone else.

"Tae, let's go. It's too hot here." Jungkook ignored the girl and dragged Taehyung to their car. The older boy victoriously smiled and looked at the girl and stuck his tongue out. "I love you Kookie." Taehyung pecked Jungkook's cheek.

"Bye Mrs. Jeon! We'll come visit tomorrow!" Taehyung waved at Jungkook's mom and went inside their car. "I'm proud of you, Kookie." Taehyung said, putting his seat belts on. "Thank you." Jungkook leaned in and kissed the boy.

Taehyung giggled and kissed the boy back. Humming in the kiss, Jungkook scooted closer and cupped Taehyung's face. "We'll continue at home." Taehyung blushed and bit his lip.

a.n: this isn't a back story.

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