Bloody Reunion

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Yintal and Ceean retraced their steps back to the scene of their fight with the Yuknil orcs, the room where they were captured and had to abandon their weapons. True to his word, Hillard's warding spell had killed any orc that had touched the warrior wizard's twin swords and Yintal's mighty hammer. A pile of shite stained orcs lay beside the weapons, their skin all gone grey and lifeless from the magic of the warding spell.

"For fucks sake, ye'd think the bastards would have learned not to touch the damned blades and hammer," Ceean said with a chuckle.

"Orcs have never been known for their smarts, lass," Yintal replied gruffly.

"But there's gotta be two dozen o' them! How could they think anything different would happen from the fucker who tried before them?"

"It makes no matter, Ceean. Gather the gear, I'll get me sword."

Yintal waded through the sea of dead orcs and climbed over the wall of corpses left behind from the battle. Working at the massive blade wedged into the wall of the narrow passageway, he eventually managed to free God's Feather. He propped the legendary weapon on his shoulder and made his way back to where Ceean stood waiting. She watched him with a curious look on her gorgeous face, and the tough hunter tried not to notice her attention. But she would not be ignored. Ceean reached out her hand and brushed some debris from Yintal's frilly red sleeve.

His eyes shot open in shock and his glare went from his arm to the beautiful eyes of Ceean Uldhe, where he found something he never dared hope. Interest and affection.

"Here now," he stuttered and cleared his throat. "Let's get our arses out o' this fuckin' shite filled orc grave. I'm like ta puke me guts out onto yer boots if we don't."

With a knowing smile and a quiet chuffing laugh, Ceean nodded and led the way back to their human companion.

As they entered the chamber where lay the lifeless body of the fat orc chieftain, Ceean and Yintal noticed the wizard had regained consciousness and was in deep discussion with Hillard.

"What are ye doin' talkin' ta that bastard, then?" Yintal demanded of his human friend as he stormed over to loom over the orcish magic user.

"Calm yourself, Hunter," Hillard urged with his hands up and ready to stop Yintal from leaping onto the magically restrained orc. "I am questioning him about this war with the giants. It seems the orcs are losing every encounter."

"Shockin, that," Yintal grunted, to which Ceean snorted.

"No, Yintal. Not like you think. Something is fueling these giants. They fight like never before, he says. Their general is a magic user with a terrible glowing red eye. He seems to be connected to whatever or whoever is controlling them."

"Controlling them? Who the fuck would do that, then?" Ceean asked.

"And how can ye trust anythin' this fucker says? Kill it and we'll get back home, Hilly," Yintal said.

With a shake of his head that revealed to his old friend more than he said, Hillard replied, "I'm worried things are worse than I originally thought, my friend. We will have to get involved, I fear."

Yintal spat on the ground, but said nothing. His respect for Hillard went back years and years. If his brother of the Wolves was fearful, then the Hunter would take it seriously.

"What are we ta do, then?" Ceean asked to end the silence.

"I am not quite sure, dear," Hillard replied. He rubbed at his bald head then indicated the Banestone and the book they came to retrieve. "But first we must take what is ours back to Mactire. As for the orc wizard," but before he could say more about their captive, Yintal grabbed the magic user by the back of his head and smashed the monster's face into the rock wall over and over until he held nothing but a mess of bone and blood.

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