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December 16th, 2015


Jaxon yells from downstairs, "Damian Eric Silva, you will not be the reason we are late to pick up our dates! So get your butt down here!" I slip on my tux jacket, look at myself once more in the mirror, Then I half run- half walk down the stairs.

Outside my house, is the limo and the chauffeur waiting. As I slide in after Jaxon I'm greeted with Alec, Chad and their dates. I recognise the faces of Kara- Alec's once ex- and Anisha Chad's on again off again girlfriend. It's weird having them here. I just starting to fix the ground between the guys and I. Not intentionally, but both of these girls played a part in the rift that formed between my friends and I. Though I smile warmly at them and acknowledge how wonderful everyone looks.

Chad instructs the driver to Kate's house next and then we are off. "Lexi's not coming with us?" I ask Jaxon in an attempt to erase the tension in the car.

"Nope, she's meeting her mystery date than going with him separately." Jaxon says as he pops the 'p'. I can see how anxious he is, by the fact he can't stop bobbing his right leg. For who knows how long, he has had a thing for Kate. This is finally his chance. He would never have dated her until Lexi gave her blessing. It was Noah who removed the angst between them. The thought of Noah terrifies me- this is the big moment to fix everything between us- I can't screw up tonight.
"You're going with Noah right?" Chad's date asks me. Breaking the silence that has again fallen on us. I nod, too scared to voice my words. "So you're gay?" she states matter of factly.

Without hesitation, I reply, "Yes, I am." I see both Jaxon and Chad give me proud smiles at that. I'm not going to hide and be afraid anymore. I am who I am and everyone else needs to shut up about it.

"Wow, " Kara says as she lets out a sigh of recollection. "Never would have seen that coming" She laughs. I can tell she's trying to make an effort. Trying to pretend that she didn't break one of my best friend's hearts. Trying to pretend that all is well between us. For Alec's sake, I play along.

"To be honest, I didn't see it coming either. However, Noah is an incredible guy and I am so lucky that he's my boyfriend." I try to ignore the fact I can see Alec visibly flinch at that. I try to ignore the fact that Kara takes his hand as if claiming he's hers. But most of all I try to ignore the massive swarm of butterflies that rage in my stomach as we enter Kate's street. Jaxon came to my house to get ready since he didn't want to be across the street, from Kate, if he had a nervous breakdown. It was fun goofing around with the guy.

We had been brothers all of our lives. He used to come to my house since his parents weren't around. He was equally as shaken when my dad died. Since he always treated Jaxon like his own. However, as I drifted into my own sense of depression I put up walls. When we needed each other most. I was the one pushing us away from each other. Now, I'm just grateful he doesn't hold that against me and instead still wants to fix this relationship. I missed him more than I care to admit. I smile as I pat him on the back as he takes a shaky breath of air.

The chauffeur opens the door for us and the six of us climb out. After ringing the doorbell it seems like an eternity when finally Kate's mum opens the door. She ushers us in and we all follow suit. She excitedly takes all of us in, exclaiming how beautiful the girls all look and how handsome us guys look in our tuxes.

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