"What?" My bottom lip quivered. Harry looked infuriated, making it clear that I wasn't supposed to be in that room.

"Thalia, the padlock was on the floor. What were you doing in there?" He was angry, but there was also a trace of nervousness in his voice. Was he afraid that I'd see a certain painting? I had been so careless, forgetting to put the padlock back in its place.

I dropped the half-eaten slice of pepperoni pizza onto the plate and silently sanded my hands together as I thought of a response. I didn't want Harry to see me as a creepy snooper or anything that would diminish his opinion of me so I carefully deliberated my next words.

I was thankful when the doorbell rang as it disrupted our conversation at the most convenient time. But it quickly wore away when I realised that it was the front door bell, meaning it was probably Damian as he'd gotten past the front gate.

"Who the hell could it be now?" I felt the colour drain from my face as Harry lifted his hands in distress before storming out of the kitchen.

I glimpsed through the thin opening of the kitchen door, my palms instantly sweating in response to my apprehension. Damian was probably here to check if I'd done what he'd told me to. But it had only been a day since his last visit.

My heart sunk as the guest entered, it was worse than what I'd anticipated. Kaylee's leather bag landed on the table in the entrance hall before her black hair was tousled and shades were pulled off  - a predictable sequence of actions. It stung me when I realised that she had the key to the front gates. Harry had given it to her.

I remembered the last time Kaylee was here. Harry had been hostile towards her then and his dislike for her showed. He had told me that he didn't like 'these people' and that he didn't like himself when he was in their company. With that, I had been holding onto the small hope that Harry wasn't going to comply with the marriage plans. But that hope had been shattered. Why would Kaylee still be hanging around if Harry had refused?

"What a hot mess you are." She said, seemingly referring to Harry's scruffy hair. "But you've really got to get ready. Why haven't you gotten ready yet?" 

"For what?" Harry asked.

Her high-pitched laugh echoed throughout the hall. "You're funny but seriously, we need to get going."

Harry ran his fingers through his hair, clearly trying to refresh his memory. Kaylee let out a deep sigh, massaging her temples. "You forgot." She concluded. "Victor told me you went out drinking with him and Dylan. He also mentioned that you got a little more tipsy than usual. Why?"

"It's none of your business." He snapped at her before exhaling, immediately regretting what he'd said. "Sorry, I just... I wasn't in a good mood."

"Clearly you still aren't. Why?"

"I don't know, I was just trying to figure out some things." He replied, rubbing his neck.

"Like what?" She was so inquisitive.

"Just stuff, alright? Will you just let it go?" He sounded annoyed.

"Fine. But I know something's bothering you. And I'm going to find out what. You used to tell me everything before, what happened?" Kaylee said, advancing towards him.

"Why won't you tell me anything anymore?" She put a finger under his chin, playfully poking as she pouted her lip.

Rage acted up in my system at the sight of them so close together. My fingers were drenched once they were done rubbing my eyes. Kaylee and Harry were both rich and powerful, they were practically a match made in glamour-heaven. Heck, even their names sounded good together. All these affairs weren't any of my business, I knew I shouldn't care if Harry was with someone else but I did, because he made it my business.

He kissed me, comforted and protected me. He had been there with me through the worst period of my life, and I had mistaken him for the bad guy. Sure, to other people he may appear to be this spoilt rich kid but I had seen a side of him I believed he hadn't shown to anyone else. And he had made me fall for him in an accidental and unexpected way. I wondered if Kaylee knew what Harry was really like, if she got him the way I did. If so, good for them.

 "Where's that Baby Doll?" Kaylee's question made me attentive.

"What Baby Doll?"

"That prostitute or whatever." Now I was given a proper reason to hate her.

"She isn't a prostitute." His voice was rough.

"I don't care. Have you gotten rid of her?" She asked, eyes widening to pressure him.

He answered with a slow nod, and I felt my body ache all over. Kaylee beamed at his reponse, clearly happy with it. "See? Things are going in the right direction. It's just me and you now. I'll be waiting in the car. Daddy's driving us to the jeweller's."

 Jeweller's? They were probably going to pick out a ring. Harry was getting a ring for her.

Right after Kaylee stepped out of the mansion, Harry returned to the kitchen. I didn't want him to see me as a wreck, I didn't want him to know that he was the cause or that he could have such a colossal effect on me. I attempted to hide my tears with the sleeve of my blouse as he entered. I faced away from him, struggling to keep my emotions intact.

I was bewildered when I felt arms wrap around me from behind. The familiar warmth prompted tears to shed more, his scent and touch a strong reminder of our every embrace. I had failed again. I was shattering to pieces right infront of him.

I wanted Harry to hold me like this for as long as possible. I desperately longed for Kaylee to  disappear. I didn't know what was going on between her and Harry. I wasn't sure whether Harry actually had a liking for her or if this was just part of some 'business deal'. I didn't know which could be worse.

"I'm sorry." He breathed against my ear. "Please don't cry."

I tried to tug out of his grip. "You can't have both of us." I stuttered in between sobs.

He held me in place, arms tightening around me as he pressed a kiss to my head. "I'm going to explain it to you, but not now. I have to go."

"Then go!" I practically bawled before my voice dissolved in tears again. I knew Kaylee wasn't going to disappear that easily. My blood boiled at the remembrance of her calling me a prostitute. The fact that Harry was leaving with her now drove my anger up to new heights.

"I hate to see you this way." He whispered, his softer tone in contrast with my strained one. "I'm sorry." He repeated. Somehow I got the feeling that he was apologising for something he was about to do.

My breathing spasms grew in intensity as the tears ran out. I was so sick and tired of crying, especially when Harry was cause. It was repetitive and exhausting, and nothing good ever came out of it. I only tormented myself, no one else was affected. Just me.

"You make me this way." I told him. "You hurt me... so much."

"I'm so sorry, Lia. But you'll understand me, I hope you will-" The continual ringing of the door bell interrupted him. "I'll talk to you when I get home, okay?"

Harry's arms loosened around me and he took my hand in his, pressing his lips to it before letting it drop. Then he was gone. 


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