~Part 1~

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"Morning babe" Jimin said waking Yoongi up from his slumber "I must say you look cute when you are asleep" "mmh" Grunted Yoongi still half asleep "Did you just grunt at me you ignorant pig" Jimin shouted starting to get angry with Yoongi making Yoongi jump up startled "No no I'm sorry Jimin I didn't mean to I'm still half asleep I'm so sorry" Yoongi said trembling with fear "Then you should wake up quicker shouldn't you" Jimin said before slapping Yoongi straight across the face adding yet another mark to Yoongi's pale flesh which he will force Yoongi to cover with makeup.

Jimin was not always like this towards Yoongi he used to be the most gentle man Yoongi had ever met until Yoongi let him take his virginity that is when Jimin started getting violent with him, when Jimin calmed down he would always be so apologetic however apologies would not remove the bruises from Yoongi's skin, it never used to be this bad though, jimin used to beat Yoongi very rarely when he had a bad day however now anything can make Jimin so angry that he would beat Yoongi, Jimin usually ends up beating Yoongi about twice a day.

Jimin didn't stop with just a slap he kept hitting Yoongi and Yoongi just let him, he didnt even try to fight back he just stayed still and cried while Jimin beat him and made him bleed before walking out of the room and slamming the door leaving Yoongi covered in blood, tears and bruises. When Jimin got downstairs he yelled up to Yoongi "Get cleaned up and cover the marks then get your lazy ass ready for school you have 15 mins or I will leave without you and you will walk" "Yes Jimin" Yoongi shouted down to him still in tears before whispering "I love you jagi" Yoongi stood up and limped to the bathroom to clean all the blood from his body struggling to walk or even stand he held onto the sink while he cleaned his face before using the walls to hold himself up to go cover his body in makeup to hide the cuts and bruises when he had done his makeup he got dressed and went downstairs holding onto the banister so he could stand up.

By time Yoongi got downstairs Jimin had calmed down when he heard Yoongi fall over at the bottom of the stairs he ran over to his boyfriend "Oh shit I am so sorry Yoongi I didn't mean to hurt you, come here." Jimin said pulling Yoongi into a hug, the hug was hurting Yoongi but he didn't say anything incase he made Jimin angry again "Come on we have to get to school TaeTae messaged you saying to meet him behind school quick because it's urgent I told him I will get you there, oh and if anyone asks you fell down the stairs" "Yes Jimin" Yoongi muttered into Jimins shoulder. Jimin picked Yoongi up and carried him into the car.

~At School~

"YOONGI!" Shouted Taehyung when he saw Jimin carrying Yoongi towards him "What happened?" "I fell down the stairs" Yoongi said unenthusiastically as Jimin helped him stand up and passed him to TaeTae "Look after him I have to go somewhere." Jimin ordered Tae in a very demanding voice that made a shiver of fear run down Yoongi's spine before walking off. "It was Jimin again wasn't it." Tae said startling Yoongi "How did you know?" Yoongi asked "When you said you fell down the stairs you looked down and to the left" Tae said "It is a sign of a lie" as Tae was speaking he took a pack of baby wipes and some makeup out of his bag which he keeps in there for every time Jimin abuses Yoongi "Take off the make up" Demanded Taehyung gently, Yoongi took the pack of baby wipes and took all the make up of his face and arms before taking off his shirt and taking all the makeup of his torso revealing about 36 bruises on his face, arms and torso, however Taehyung could tell that his legs were probably the most damaged because of the pain on Yoongi's face whenever he tried to stand up. "I'm going to call my brother, Baekhyun." Taehyung said "What why?" Yoongi said looking worried "You need to be looked at by a doctor and Baekhyun has been to medical school if he wanted he could be a doctor so I'm gonna get him to have a look at you and don't worry about Jimin we will tell Baekhyun that you fell down the stairs" Taehyung said before taking out his phone and calling baekhyun.

"Hey bro I need you ASAP behind school, bring your medical stuff." he said before pausing for a bit "It's Yoongi I will explain when you get here ppali !" Tae said before hanging up, putting the phone in his pocket and turning to Yoongi "Please let me tell him about Jimin" "No you can't" Yoongi almost yelled "You can't live your life in fear Yoongi" Yelled the younger boy "It's not that" Yoongi mumbled "Then what is it" Taehyung said calm again his eyes filled with love "I love him I don't know why I still love him after everything but I do and I will even if it means that I have to sit there and be abused all day everyday I will love him until he kills me" the elder said in tears shattering Taehyung's heart because Taehyung had accidentally fallen in love with the blond haired man "BUT I LOVE YOU" Taehyung yelled shocking Yoongi into silence, they both stayed sat in awkward silence until Baekhyun arrived red in the face from running "Oh my god what happened here?" said Baekhyun noticing the bruises all over Yoongi's body "He fell down the stairs this morning Jimin brought him to me" Taehyung said "He can barely stand or walk thats why I asked you to come here." Said the youngest male Baekhyun just nodded and carried Yoongi into his office in the school building not noticing how little energy Yoongi had, by the time they had arrived at Baekhyun's office Yoongi had passed out "Shit he is barely breathing" Said Taehyung almost in tears "Call an ambulance he is dying" Screamed Baekhyun

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