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Locker Room pt 2

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leon puhsd lamp-kun agaisnt teh wall adn kissy-kiss desued him.

lapm-kun moand loudly and blooshd. "l-leon-cunt! w-we shouldn do dis heer!"

"stfu u light producer >:(" leonardo scremd, getign the egg & ahoge-boi-o's attention lol.

ahoge-boi-o, aka hinatable, gaspd and fell 2 thy fl00r liek a scared goat. naeggles pokd the scared goatee and cried bc he waz ded :(

but tHEN a magical fairy named jacob sartorius appeared & pokd hinat. lol jacob wasn't magical @ all, that was a lie.

as soon as jacorn-on-the-cob left, hinatsundere was revivd lol hope.

every1 was hapyp once agan. 

lol that's also a lie :))

leon & lamp-kun ende up breking up. lamp-kun kermitted sewercide. it twas so unexpectd; every1 was so saad. especiall leon. he fucked up lol.


/raises leg/ i haven't updated since july wha t

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