The Hunt's End (Chapter 27)

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"I know. I should thank you for I don't know, bringing me back to life twice." She grumbled.

I chuckled a bit.

"Percy, why did you think you were insane?" She asked sadly.

I sighed deeply, the tears erased. "Remember when Zoë died? I was in Tartarus for a year after she left. I was alone in the pit, thinking I would be stuck forever. I began seeing illusions of my family or friends. The seven, you, Nico, Chiron, etc. You all would just be everywhere, ontop of trees, near my house, in the distance, or even out a window. They never came close to me, they simply stared at me, haunting me. I was so scared of them that I locked myself in my room, shut all the windows and such and stayed there. It took me days to start going out, and they were gone."

"I am sure that I lost it forever, until Lady Chaos visited me and gave me hope." I finished sadly.

Apollo and Artemis looked shocked and sad. It did sound horrible.

Thalia had tears in her eyes as she embraced me. I hugged her back. Soon, it got pretty awkward with Apollo and Artemis watching.

"But don't worry, I am better now." I assured her as we pulled away.

"Alright,  but don't scare me like that ever again, seaweed brain." She said.

"Alright Thunder Thighs. "

"Kelp Head!"

"Lightning Bug!"


"Pinecone face!"


"Pine Needle!"

I laughed as we continued. I felt much better now, as if the sky was lifted from my shoulders, trust me, I know how that feels. Knowing I didn't fail, its a good feeling.

Apollo and Artemis stared at us, then at each other. Me and Thalia had a brother-sister relationship, yet we were much more connected than Apollo and Artemis. Ever since I was banished, the two had been uneasy, but they have started talking with each other recently.

15 Minutes Later

I was fully recovered, and me and Thalia went out to the rest of the hunt, who all celebrated for the defeat of Gration and Python, as well as no casualties.

The hunters all congratulated me, and I felt happier, being within this huge family. We all started to party, since usually when the Hunters beat a formidable foe, they celebrate. I summoned foods and drinks and music started playing. Apollo joined in, surprisingly, Artemis invited him, but ony if he swore not to flirt with anyone tonight.

Much like Camp, they had sing-a-longs. Which I found amusing. Sometimes, a good singer would pop up, most of the time, yuck.

During the sing-a-long, almost everyone did a song. Thalia did some Green Day song, and Apollo and Artemis both did a song together surprisingly.  I guess they felt the need to bond, and it surprised not only me, but the hunters as well.

"Percy should sing!" Thalia grinned evilly.

"Uh, no, I shouldn't. " I suggested.

Apollo grinned mischievously as well. The hunters also grinned.

They pushed me onto the stage against my will and gave me the microphone. I sighed, but then I got an idea.

"Hey! For the song I want to sing, I need another person!" I smiled.

"Alright, who do you pick?" Apollo asked.

"Thalia Grace." I smirked as she paled nervously and walked up next to me.

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