Looking the Part

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Throwing back the blanket, I smoothed them back over Ben and stepped over my Pokemon that were curled up together beside us. I carefully stepped over them. I hadn't woken anybody up, so I was good. I rubbed my tired eyes irritably. "What's the sitch?" I asked quietly.  the flying onion fairy in front of me.

Celebi flitted in front of me and Drapir raised his head to look our way. "Summer?" He asked. "What are you doing? You need to sleep."

"What I need to do is help the past." I responded. "Even if I am tired as hell."

Drapir got up and headed towards us with a concerned slink. "Let me come with you, then. I can keep an eye out in case anything happens, like last time."

I bit my tongue about how the last time something like this happened was his fault. But he couldn't be held completely accountable for his actions because he was being controlled.

But I still thought about what Drapir was saying. I probably needed help, but it was better if I went alone. It'd be less suspicious. Especially since Ben was leaning against Drapir like a pillow.

I shook my head, not trusting myself to speak for fear that I'd wake Ben up. I pointed my finger at Ben. 'Too risky' I mouthed.

Drapir nodded but looked disappointed. I turned to Celebi and motioned for her to follow me, walking away from where Ben and my Pokemon slept. When I got far enough for me to speak out loud to Celebi, I gave her as much of a serious look as I could manage through my drowsiness. I could physically feel myself start to nod off and that wasn't okay in the slightest. Celebi gave me a worried look.

"Are you sure you're up to this, Lady?" Celebi said, sitting on my shoulder.

"Sure I am." I lied. "Give me a moment to wake myself up."

I slapped my cheeks several times until my drowsiness was gone and my cheeks were a brilliant blood red. I slid my backpack off and faced the straps towards Rand's house so that I wouldn't lose my way in the woods.

"Let's do this," I told Celebi.

She didn't look entirely convinced that I was alright, but she opened up the portal all the same. There was that familiar flash and I was standing in the past again.

The momentary rush of vertigo I felt, combined with my drowsiness, almost made me pass out. Seeing this, Celebi yelled for help. A person I had never seen before ran out, and at his heels was Caiya, the girl who had given me bizarre looks the last time she had seen me. She was holding a Piplup close to her and almost dropped her at the sight of me.

The Piplup, confused by her reaction, turned to see me. Her eyes widening, she jumped out of Caiya's arms before she could protest and waddled over to me. I recognized this Piplup as the one I rescued from the first Steelhead I battled. "How's it going, Piplup? Where have you been?" I asked, groggily rubbing my eyes.

"Good! How are you? What have you been doing? Why haven't you visited me?" The Piplup started to shoot off questions before my tired mind even had a chance to process the fact that the Piplup was speaking.

Also realizing that I shouldn't freak Caiya out, I picked the Piplup up. "You wanna come with me? All right."

Caiya looked affronted by the fact that Piplup practically jumped into my arms and forgot about her. She crossed her arms over her stomach, which seemed to press out from her loose-fitting dress slightly. The man beside her laughed.

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