Yuuki Uchiha

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Okay guys this is my first Naruto fan fic.

I have currently been watching it and love it!!!!! I have been dying to write a fan fic about it and now I will. The start I have figured out but with the rest I will be happy for suggestions.

Yuuki Uchiha is the twin of Itachi and the person he was the most open to and the person he liked the most.

This story tells her P.O.V. What she feels when she finds her family killed, what she thinks when she finds her brother killed her clan, and how her behaviour changes from happy go lucky, like Naruto, to a person who rarely tells anyone her feelings.

Her and Sasuke make a pact that they would stick together no matter what happens.

Anyway I am not giving anything else away you'll just have to read the story.

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