Chapter 50

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(Janiq POV)

Some Might Dislike What I'm Doing But Damien He's Something Else. Despite What He's Done He's The One Person I Can Say Always Understood Me. Y'all Wouldn't Understand.

"You Couldn't Be Any Later" Damien Told Me As I Entered The Warehouse.

"What Did You Want Me To Say... Oh JJ I'll Be Going Out At 3 In The Morning To Meet With The Dude. Aka My Ex.. The One Who Put Your Cousin In The Hospital. To Plot To Kill You" I Told Him.

"We Ain't Never Break Up You Know" He Said As He Approached Me.

"What's That Suppose To Mean?" I Asked Him.

"Exactly What It Means" He Said Before Our Lips Touch.

"Y'all Two Save All That Shit For Closed Doors" Laylow Said.

I've Been Meeting With Damien And His Two Do Boys.. Laylow And Check And I've Kind Gotten To Know Them.

"Shut That Shit Up" Damien Told Laylow As We Pulled Away From Each Other. "Jealousy Ain't Gone Get You Shit" Damien Said.

"Whatever" Laylow Said. "But Janiq What You Got For Us?" Laylow Asked Me.

"Well You Asked When He's Alone.. Every Thursday He Stays Behind And Close Up" I Told Them.

"Then Thats Where We Take Him" Damien Said.

"Tell Us About The Building?" Laylow Asked.

"There 3 Doors. Front, Side And Back. Once Your In There 2 Ways To His Office. Back Stairs And Through The Double Doors On The 2nd Floor" I Told Them.

I Continued Telling Damien, Laylow And Check About The Building. Damien And Laylow Were Engaged But Check Was As Always Silent. Something Was Off But If He Rolling With Damien I Guess He Cool.

"Your Girl Here Helps Us A Lot" Laylow Said.

"Yeah I Did... Now What Y'all Gone Have For Me?" I Asked Them.

"5Gs Sound Good" Damien Asked Me.

"Yeah That Sound Good" I Told Him. "Now What's Up With You?" I Asked Check.

"He Silent But He Deadly..." Damien Said.

"And When Is All This Going Down?" I Asked Damien.

"Soon... Cause The Sooner The Better" He Said.

(Rell POV)

"What Happen To Orlando?" I Asked Gemini As I Walked Into Geminis House.

"I Just Stayed Behind" He Said Dapping Me Up.

"So Wassup..." I Asked Him As We Made Our Way Threw His House.

We Entered A Room And There Sat Check... Aka Ghost.

"Ghost" I Said.

"Y'all Know Each Other?" Gemini Asked.

"Nawl But I Know Of Him" I Said. "Ive Been Keeping Tabs On Him" I Told Gemini.

"Really" Check Asked Me.

"Yup" I Said. "And From What I Seen Your With Damien" I Added.

"I Have A Feeling You Know Why I'm Running With Damien" He Told Me.

"Matter A Fact I Do" I Said.

"Fine With Me" He Said.

"So What's This Meeting About?" I Asked.

"JJ?" Gemini Said.

"What About My Cousin?" I Asked.

"Ill Let Tamor Tell It" Gemini Told Me.

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