Bad Girl...uh Boy?

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Welcome to my newest one shot collection book! Yup its ERERI ERERI AND MORE ERERI...well and some RIREN added in!


Is this really happening? Does he seriously want me to wear this? I bite my lower lip as I stare at the contents that were inside the bag. How did I stumble upon this bag? Well I dropped something and it rolled under the bed, then as I went to retrieve it my eyes landed on the bag. Confused I grabbed it thinking maybe just maybe Levi has been looking for the misplaced bag.

My blush only increases as I picture myself wearing such a thing.

"Does he really expect me to?"

Reaching into the bag I pull out the black pleated mini skirt. I blush deeply as I hold it up against my body. I grab the black long sleeved loose shirt and notice it would sit above my belly button on me. I see the white tie to go around the neck followed by two black knee high stockings. With all the items now laid out on the bed I blush deeper as I gaze at the school girl uniform.

"Why would you have this Levi? Unless you hoped I would wear this for you..."

This only makes me blush a deeper red. I mean yes....we are dating....and we have had sex but.....this? I guess it has been awhile since we had time to well.....make love. But isn't this a little over the top?

"Do you truly want to see me dressed as a girl?" I stare in disbelief at the outfit. "Why have such a thing if he doesn't...." I bite my lip and stand there a little uneasy.

I hate to admit it...I'm curious. I mean he must think I will look hot in this right? I can't help but wonder how I would look in such a get up. I glance to the clock and notice Levi shouldn't be home for at least another hour or two. I bite my lower lip once more.

"Am I seriously thinking about this......" My gaze looks over the black fabric and I start to remove my own clothes. I remove my shirt and let it fall onto the bed then remove my pants. "I am going to hell......"

I mutter as I grab the skirt and pull it up my body and zip it up. I blush as it fits me perfectly. Grabbing the shirt I pull it on and I was right, it displays my toned stomach and belly button. Picking up the tie I place it around my neck and grab the stockings.

"If anyone saw me in such a thing.......My life is over....." I mutter as I pull the stockings on. Fully dressed I move to the mirror but cringe as my boxers show under the skirt. "Shit...."

I quickly pull them down and kick them off my feet only to once more look at my reflection. I can't help but blush deeply.

"Fuck me....I look hot..."

I mutter shyly as I turn around and gaze at my rear end view. I blush madly as I picture Levi thrusting his big dick into my a........


I stop mid thought As I blush an even deeper shade of red. "Shit...oh dear no...."

I raise my gaze and standing in the doorway is Levi. His face is bright red as his eyes roam my body.

"LEVI" I gasp out and I grab the hem of the skirt to keep myself covered. "I CAN EXPLAIN!"

I watch as Levi only shuts the bedroom door and walks towards me loosening his tie around his neck.

"I didn't mean to find it! I just......I knew you wanted me to wear it....and I was curious how I would look......"

"Actually...." His voice is deep as he grasps me and pulls me onto the bed till I am kneeling. He kicks his shoes off and climbs up behind me onto his knees and reaches around my body letting his hands run up and grip my thighs. "I intended to be the one to wear it for you...."

I blush an even deeper shade of red hearing him whisper this into my ear.

"But seeing how fucking sexy you look....I'm glad you tried it on....." He starts to nibble on my earlobe then lets his lips trail kisses down my neck. "You are so fucking hot Eren...."

"Mmmmm Levi...." I moan out his name softly.

"Fuck I am happy I finished work early enough to catch you wearing this.....its going to be hot to fuck you in a skirt....." His hands travel up under the skirt and graze my already erected member.

"LEVI!" I gasp out in pleasure from his gentle touch.

"Fuck you make me hot when you scream out my name....." He whispers as he suddenly pushes me forward until I am on all fours. I blush madly knowing my bare ass if there for him to see clearly. "So fucking sexy....Eren you are mine....and only mine...such a bad girl...being noisy and snooping at others things. You deserve to be punished..."

I go to speak when I hear him unzip his pants. His hand slaps my ass playfully and he suddenly makes me scream out as he thrusts deep inside of me.


"Fuck....just like that....scream it louder!" He grasps my hips and pulls me back against him only causing his dick to go deeper inside me. I scream loudly as he sends pleasure coursing through my body.

My hands clench onto the bed sheets beneath me as tears form in my eyes. Not from pain, but pleasure. "Levi.....faster Baby please....."

I can hear the smirk on his lips as he whispers out, "As you wish...." He grasps my hips harder his nails digging into them as he uses all his force and slams into me from behind. "You love it rough don't you Eren...."

I can only moan out as I am unable to form a sentence. The slightest amount of drool escapes the corner of my lip as I moan even louder. "LEVI!!!!!!"

I cry out loudly as his one hand leaves my hips and goes up under the skirt and he starts to pump my erection. My entire body shivers in pleasure as the pace of his hand soon matches the pace of his thrusting.

"Do you like that Love?" His voice sends shivers through my entire body. It is deep, smooth and seductive. I can merely whimper out and nod my head. "How about when I do this?"

My entire body spasms as he thrusts deep inside me hitting my prostate this time.

"LEVI.....FUCK! LEVI!!!!!"

His thrusting only picks up in pace as does the pumping of his hand. With each deep thrust inside me he hits my prostate and I can't hold it back.

"You're close aren't you? I can feel your walls tightening around my dick.....feels amazing....your so tight right now....fuck Eren I love you....."

"LEVI!" That was all it took as I feel myself hit my climax as I feel myself release over his hand and the bed.

"EREN!!!" Levi cries out as I soon feel the hotness of his cum filling me up inside. He soon pulls out and I collapse onto my stomach as I pant desperately to catch my breath. "Fuck that was hot...." He whispers collapsing next to me. "Hey Babe?" He pulls me into his embrace and pulls me up so my head rests on his chest. I can feel his chest rising and falling, while his heart racing echos in my ear. "Think you would dress up for me again? Maybe a french maid?"

I blush deeply but find myself nodding my head. "Anything for you Levi......"

"I love you..." He tilts my chin up and our lips connect in a kiss of love.

"I love you too Levi.....were you really planning to wear this for me?" I ask blushing.

I giggle softly as his cheeks burn red, "Yah wouldn't have looked nearly as sexy on me as it does you....I am definitely getting you a maids outfit." I blush and nod my head as I once more lay it on his chest loving the feeling of being in his strong arms.

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