-Intro: me, Alex, & Austin have been close since we could talk! But alex didn't know how i felt about him. I have been in love with him since pre-k!- 

-Me and Alex played just dance 3 all last night, And passed out on his bed in his arms! You wake up at 7 a.m looking for your phone and the last thing you remembered was walking over to austin's house for Some ice cream because me and Alex made Root beer floats taking your phone-

-Walks over to austin's house- 

Me: "Austinnn! Have you seen my phone?"

Austin: "Nopee? Did you check Alex's house? You were over there all night. Ooh by the way rocking the Justin Bieber Pajama pants and Sports bra- He say's as he checks me out with a wink.

Me -Punches him friendly- "Shut up! Okay Y'all are my best friends I don't have to be insecure about my body! But austin I have a question. Is it wierd that I woke up in alex's arms cuddled with him?"

Austin: " 1: Your beautiful. and i say that in a brother way. and 2: Yes it is but he loves you and you love him take a chance Bro!"

Me: '' I'm ignoring that comment. and He doesn't like me! I mean he loves me like a sister like you! i'm going to go and find my phone" -Leaves his house and walks into the room to see alex sleeping adorably. I find my phone in between the couch cushions. i slide my way back into alex's arms and sleep with my head against his chest and fall asleep-

-12 p.m- 

Alex POV

-I woke up with the love of my life in my arms with her head on my chest. I was tempted to kiss her on the forehead but I don't know how she feels about me. So i hold her tight and brush her dark brown long hair softly not to wake her up-

Sarah's POV

-I could feel him holding me tight by my waist and brushing my hair softly It felt so good. Tempted to kiss him I didn't I just opend my eyes and Smiled and Wrapped my arms around his waist-

Alex: Morning -Quickly unwrapping himself from sarah- Rough night huh? 

Sarah: Yeahh -Awkwardly removing my hand from his waist- I guess. "Hey it's friday! Aren't y'all doing a Ustream today?

Alex: "Ooh Yeah! Your coming right?" 

Sarah: "Of Coarse!"

-7 p.m Ustream starting-

Austin: "Hey Everyone!"

Alex: "Hey! We have a special guest today! The one and only Sarah!" -He smiled that gorgeous smile-

Me: "Hi!" -I look around to see Alex had disappered-

Alex -Comes up behind me and grabs me- BOO!

Me: "AHHH!" - I get up and slap him and pin him down, He starts tickling me! (Knowing i'm very tickilish) As I thought i was winning something happens-

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