Chapter 1 - Heart

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It's been 2 years since Maya has seen Josh. He's been very busy at college. She's now 18 and he is 21. Everything is changing. Everyone's growing up. Maya, Riley, Lucas, Farkle, Zay; they're all becoming adults. It's a scary time, but it's exciting. Especially when they're with each other. Maya hasn't dated anyone since that day at the ski lodge when Josh told her that they would be together, someday. She gave up her 'young love' years for him. Who knows if Josh has done the same. It's a rainy Tuesday. Maya and her friends will be going to college after this summer. Maya and Riley will be going to the same college and will be roommates, just as they promised when they were little. Maya was sitting on Riley's bed. They were talking about how they felt about growing up. "I'm scared, Riles." Maya told Riley. Riley smiled. "That's okay. You know the best thing about being scared?" She asked. "What?" Maya replied with a soft laugh. "Your friends will put you at ease the second they realize it." Riley told her. They hugged. There was a pause. "Riley." Maya said, looking down. "Yeah?" She asked. "Have from Josh." Maya asked, still staring at the ground. "Oh. No, Maya I haven't." Riley said, realizing her friend was upset. "You know, just because you haven't heard from someone, that doesn't mean they aren't telling you something." Riley said, closing her laptop. Maya cocked her head. "What does that mean?" She asked. "Nothing. I'm just saying, you should follow your heart when it comes to making decisions about people you love." Riley advised. Maya hugged her again. "I love you Riley but, to go?" She said as if she didn't know or decide she was leaving. With that, she left. She drove to Topanga's bakery. She opened the door and its bell rang. "Hi, Maya." Topanga said warmly. "Maya. What are you doing here, sweetie?" Katy asked. Maya led her mom to the corner. "Mom, I'm going to see Josh." She whispered. Her mom inhaled sharply. "Maya. Are you sure that's the best idea?" She asked. "No. However, Riley told me to follow my heart. That's what I'm gonna do." Maya replied. They hugged. "Okay. Please. Please. Be safe, baby girl." She said, looking at her adult daughter. "Bye, I love you." Maya, said walking towards the door. "Bye, Topanga!" She left.

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