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Everyone was gathering around in the astronomy tower, waiting for the first lesson of the year to begin.

"Why is Hermione Granger in here, I thought this class was just Ravenclaws and Slytherins," whispered Padma who was standing next to Estella, "Gryffindors have class tomorrow, don't they?"

"I heard she is taking extra classes this year, so that's probably why," replied Estella.

"Welcome, welcome to third year Astronomy," said Professor Sinistra who was walking in towards the center of the floor.

"So, first year we learned about the names and movements of the stars and planets. Last year we focused on other things in the universe such as, asteroids, comets, etc. Remember?"

"The mudbloods probably don't remember," said Malfoy, gaining laughs from most of the other Slytherins. Estella turned towards to the boy standing behind her and was about to say something before Padma turned her back around.

"He's not worth it," she whispered.

"Now," started the professor, "this year we will be focusing on the stars."

Estella smiled. Astronomy was her best subject, but the stars were her specialty. She was the first person in her year to name and locate more than twenty constellations within the first week during first year. Knowing that a whole year was dedicated to learning more about the stars, excited her.

Jacob Raney had just finished setting up the telescope when a little head popped out of the open door.

"Is it ready yet?" Said the young 7 year old voice.

"Well why don't you just see for yourself," Jacob said running towards his daughter. The little girl squealed as the father picked her up and placed her on his shoulders. Jacob started walking back towards where the telescope was, when the little girl shouted, "wait, the lights!"

"Oh yeah," said Jacob as he turned back around to turn off the kitchen lights that shone through the doorway.

"Hey!" shouted Clara Raney, "I'm cleaning in here!"

"But there's too much light pollution! We can't see the stars as good with them on!"

By this time, Clara was standing in the doorway looking at her husband and daughter. Clara sighed and smiled when she saw the wonder in Estella's little eyes.

"Well, do you mind if I join you two?" She asked.

"Of course, love" Jacob replied smiling.

While the father was showing his daughter Mars through the telescope, Clara had gone to get blankets to lay out on the ground.

"How much longer till our night vision is fully adepted?" Asked Estella.

"You mean adapted?" Smiled Jacob.

"Yeah that," the little girl giggled.

"Well it takes hours to fully adapt, but after ten minutes, we can see more than we could before," Jacob answered.

"Has it been ten minutes yet?"

"It's actually been thirty."

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