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"being happy never goes out of style."

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Catherine spent the next two days recovering in the hospital wing, finally being released as the week came to an end. She was escorted out by Remus and Sirius, them taking her to the Gryffindor common room so she could shower and get ready for the first trip of the year to Hogsmeade.

Hogsmeade was a beautiful wizarding village that lay just on the outskirts of the castle. It was reminiscent of Diagon Alley, holding many shops and restaurants with a few taverns hidden here and there. Many cottages were built encircling the town, protecting it from any intruders. And not to mention that the people who resided there year-round we're just lovely.

It was growing a bit chillier outside due it being mid-fall and the winter approaching, so Catherine quickly changed into a lightly layered look: a light blue button up with a white knitted sweater on top, paired with some tight, dark jeans and brown boots.

She then scampered down into the common room where she was met by four beaming young men. They all sauntered down to the courtyard at a leisurely pace, stopping almost every five minutes as some people, also known as Sirius, decided it would be a great idea to harass the portraits.

After almost twenty minutes, they'd finally arrived at the entrance hall where a line to exit had already formed. The caretaker, Argus Filch, was checking permission slips for parental consent.

The fairly new curator had only started about two years ago, but already his age seemed to be catching up with him. He was gangly, that much had stayed the same, but the cracks and crevices that lined his face had only made an appearance since he'd began his work. His hair had grown a significant amount too and began to take on a grayish hue that was very odd for a man his age, for he couldn't have been much older than twenty-- if he'd even made it to that age yet.

However, even though he wasn't much older than the students, there was something different about the cold and stoic man that was Argus Filch.

He always seemed to "have something stuck up his arse" as Sirius had so candidly stated one day after he was awarded detention for being caught in the girl's lavatory. But of course, Catherine reasoned, its hard to be remotely pleasant when you have hundreds of wizards and witches constantly causing mischief.

And in all truth he wasn't too terrible, for he'd always treated Catherine amiably, always asking how she was doing and catching up on the latest ministry news regarding reforms on the treatment and working conditions of Squibs. Not that she particularly knew why the subject was one of interest to him, but nevertheless it gave her an excuse to get on his good side.

The line had slowly moved on and Catherine found herself face to face with the short, scraggly Filch. She smiled brightly at him as she promptly handed him her permission slip. He smiled lightly as he took the paper from her grasp and carefully studied over it, placing it in a brown folder once he was sure it was legitimate. "All seems to be in order, Sinclair. Do enjoy yourself."

"Thank you, Mr. Filch. I'll try!" the girl beamed as she bounced away toward the door, leaning against it as she waited for her friends.

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