14~AZARI-Portal to Who Knows Where

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"Pass me that!" I tell Petra as I hold down a button I found on one of the pillars. She quickly types a few more lines into her phone before setting it down on the table.

Petra passes me the wrench I requested and I use it to tighten the bolt that seemed to be loose. Pym, Nadya, and I have working to fit the final pieces of the Asgardian machines together. This whole ordeal is hard work due to the lack of an instruction manual, but with our combined knowledge I think we have a pretty good idea of what we are dealing with.

The pillars act sort of like a doorway. I think the Asgardians would have called it a "portable portal" of sorts. The odd thing is that it doesn't have any energy source of its own so my theory is that it attracts some sort of teleportation beam....I believe they call it the Bifrost.

The "core" that Petra was so concerned with is actually a dial that we suspect opens and closes the portal. It does make a ticking noise sort of like a bomb so I can understand her concern. I look over and see that Henry is currently using his Pym Particles as a heat source to weld some pieces together. He has the huge goggles pulled down over his face and small sparks fly around him. Nadya is leaning over a table and reading something on her tablet. She is probably skimming over Jane Foster's research to see if there is anything useful. I'm finished with the wrench so I pass it back to Daredevil and push myself off the floor. It finally looks like all the pieces are coming together.

Henry pulls away from the portion he is working with and stands back to look at our work.

"Guys....I think we did it." He says with a smile of satisfaction.

Nadya glances up from her device and studies the pillars. She starts to walk around the formation and inspect it. A thin bluish light glows around the metal. Nadya runs her fingers along the smooth surface.

"All right. Fire it up." She says after giving the machine one final glance.

I pull the gloves off my fingers and walk over to the dial. The tension is in the room feels like fog as we all hope that we are right about this mechanism. I just hope it doesn't blow up in my face. Trust the science... I give the knob a twist and suddenly the clicking stops. A bright colorful light that radiates from the "doorway" fills the room. We did it. James lets out a yell of excitement and he gives Henry a pat on the shoulder. He then walks over to me and claps me on the back.

"We found our way to Asgard."

Nadya seems a little bit uneasy.

"Truthfully, we don't know where the portal leads. It could lead anywhere in the Nine Realms." She says with a frown.

Petra walks up to the machine and puts her hand through the colored light. She doesn't seem to be in pain or even feel anything unusual.

Nadya opens her mouth to scold Petra, but doesn't speak. Someone has to be the first to test it.

"Seems fine to me. Honestly I say we should just go through it. I mean we don't know how long it is gonna stay open. We don't know where it is going and we don't know how to find out any of this stuff. I vote we just a risk." Petra says with a confident look plastered on her face.

Before Nadya can even muster a reply Petra has already leapt through the portal and left us behind. That was either really smart or really stupid....They don't call her Daredevil for nothing.... She is gone without a trace.

"You....guys....wait....stop...." Nadya is so shocked by Petra's reckless decision that she is failing to find words.

James solemnly gives Henry a wave and follows Petra through the light. He left too...without a word. They've forced my hand. I can stay here with Henry in safety and try to figure out how to defeat Ultron or I can step through that portal and go to who knows where. It is a difficult decision that I would rather not make, but I think of Francis and Torrun.

I imagine that they would take that risk for me.

It is time to take a leap of faith.

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