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*An entry from (Y/N)'s Journal*

August 2, 2016.

Something very unexpected happened today. It wasn't the bad kind of unexpected, though. In fact, it was amazing.

Today, as I walked through the hallways of my high school, someone pushed me forcefully against the lockers causing me to drop my books. It was Krystal. 

Krystal is the most popular girl at school along with Taeyeon, Amber and Victoria. They were your typical mean girls with their very hot and popular boyfriends: Kai, Baekhyun, and Sehun. Except Baekhyun wasn't hot unless when he wore eyeliner. When he didn't, he would look like one adorable puppy. Personality-wise, their boyfriends were a lot nicer than them. Especially Baekhyun, he was actually very nice. I have no idea how he would fall for someone like Taeyeon.

(A/N- I have nothing against any of the girls. I love them all. Also, I know Sehun isn't dating any of them, I just needed another guy and he was the first one to come to my mind. And I also know that Baekhyun and Taeyeon aren't dating anymore, but just deal with it. That's the way the story goes. The things about Taeyeon being mean and such are lies that needed to be said for the story, I don't personally feel that way. With all that being said, you may continue reading >-<)

As I'm being pushed and cussed at, a cute, tall guy takes them off me as he tells them to mind their own business. When they're gone, we both pick up my books which were scattered on the floor. 

"Are you okay?" he asked me concerned. 

Who is he?

Why did he 'defend' me?

Is he new here?

How can he not know that he shouldn't mess with those girls?

Were questions that came to my mind all at once as I grabbed my stuff.

"There's no blood, so I should be good to go" I said with a small laugh. 

He laughed too.

"I'm Jungkook" he said introducing himself.

"I'm (Y/N). Are you new here?" I asked.

"No" he answered.

"I'm just not popular" he added.

"Oh" was all I said.

"It took all of my courage to say something to them" he said with a small laugh.

That smile. It's beautiful. 

"Then why did you do it?" I asked curious.

"Because I'm tired of them always bullying you" he said.

"What? You know who I am?" I asked a little nervous.

"Not really, everyday, as I walk to my first period class, I see them bully you. I makes me sick" he explained.

"Oh, well, I'm sorry I don't know you. Thanks anyways, Jungkook" I said bowing. 

"You're welcome, I guess" he said with a small laugh.

  His laugh was priceless. It could light up anyone's day.  


When I enter the classroom I see one familiar face. It was Jungkook. I smile at him and take at seat in my usual corner. A few seconds later, Jungkook took a seat in front of me.

"Hey, again" he said laughing.

Gosh darn it, if this kid smiles one more time, I'm afraid I'll be in the process of falling for him.

"Hi" I say smiling as well, except my smile isn't as cute.

"Jeon Jung Kook, and (L/N) (Y/N)"our teacher said as he assigned the groups for the next project.

"I guess we'll be seeing each other a lot more often, (L/N) (Y/N)" he said calling me by my full name, which I absolutely hate it. But somehow, Jungkook said my name, and I was okay with the way it sounded.

Who would've said that was the start of our friendship?

Who would've said that I did end up falling for him?

Sadly, I couldn't control my feelings for him. So now I'm doing this.I'm writing letters that will never be sent, and who knows where they'll be when all of this is over.



Thank you so much for giving this story a chance, I hope you like it so far! I'll be uploading every Friday, so do expect the first letter this Friday, August 5 . The chapters uploaded as letters written by (Y/N), and the story will always be written in her point of view. About 10 chapters into the story, there will be no more letter-like chapters. They (the chapters) will be written just like any other chapter in another book. -Andy

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