Sibling Rivalry

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By: dannihowell (iguessicantry) on ao3

Word count: 4,320

Summary: The Howell twins both fancy their new neighbor, Phil.

"Who's that?" Dan said gesturing to a boy walking across the courtyard.

"Who?" Olivia replied.

"That guy, the cute one."

"I saw him first!" Olivia told her brother.

Dan rolled his eyes and replied, "Doesn't matter because he definitely likes boys."

"How can you be so sure?" she asked, picking up the sandwich that their mother had packed her that morning.

"I just know," Dan said as he eyed the boy in question. They were sitting with a few friends in their school's courtyard. Across the way, there was a boy with black hair and very light colored eyes eating on his own.

Olivia made a noise of disgust before exclaiming, "This sandwich is shit."

"That's because it's mine, you idiot! You took my lunch this morning."

"Alright, give me mine then."

Dan handed her the bag marked 'Olivia' without shifting his gaze from the boy across the way. "Does anyone know who he is? He has to be new, right?"

"Yeah," Amy, a girl sitting next to Dan, said. "He was in my biology class this morning. His name is Philip."

"Dan fancies him," Jared laughed. Dan shot him a look before returning to his lunch. "It's Olivia who fancies him."

"He is really cute," she agreed. "But Dan just said that he's probably into boys."

"Maybe we should invite him over to sit with us?" Jared suggested, poking fun at Dan's blushing.

Olivia immediately chewed through piece she had just bitten off. "I'll do it!"

Before Dan could protest, his sister had stood up and walked over Philip. He watched her wave and smile at the boy and he watched as she pointed back at the table. Philip smiled at Olivia and gathered up his things.

As they approached the table, Dan tried his hardest to remain calm and not totally screw this up by being awkward. But this was Dan so, of course, he did something embarrassing the moment Phil sat down across from him. Dan reached across the table to shake his hand and knocked over the full bottle of strawberry juice which splashed all over Phil's trousers.

"Oh—I'm so sorry. I'm a clumsy oaf. I-I... Oh my god..."

"It's okay," Phil laughed. "Really. it's okay."

"I'm so so sorry."

The rest of the table couldn't contain their laughter because that was literally what Dan was known for and better the new kid learn that fact early.

"My n-name is Dan by the way," Dan stuttered. "Dan, the clumsy."

Phil laughed as he patted down his trousers with a napkin to soak up the juice. "I'm Phil. Just Phil."

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