Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

For the next two days, I continue my training with Konsciou.

After my lessons, I'm left to wander aimlessly outside the estate but not too far in fear of outsiders detecting our existence. Most mornings I work in the garden to care for the bed of plants. It's thanks to the skills that I picked up years ago from an herbalist, during a rare trip to town that Akitun and I journeyed. On the third day, my gardening activities are deterred when the sky breaks into a torrent of rain, spoiling the rest of my evening.

Even with the absence of Akitun's lessons, my body remains sore from excursion. As I tuck myself into bed, oddly, a thread of violent coughs comes over me causing me to hack in dry heaves. As I remove my hand, speckles of liquid gleam against my pale skin. Bowing low, I trace it until I realize through the moonlight peeking in from the cracks of my window, that it's blood splattered across my palm. Bolting upright, the fierce pounding of my heart causes my body to jump with each desperate breath, but it's more shock than confusion that momentarily dulls my pain.

Illness has hardly cursed me, my accelerated healing and strengthened form is mostly immune to sickness. As soon as the thought crosses my mind, throbs of pain, so intense that I double over, causes me to overlook any rational thought. I put up no fight when a blanket of darkness falls over me.

In my dream, there's no light.

In this world, there's only black.

Within my nightmare, I see it everywhere. Dark shadows convulse, gliding across the surface of my skin. They continue their taunting dance, edging closer and closer, causing my whole body to shudder. My eyes frantically dart around, attempting to catch the blurs stealthily slithering past me. My skin prickles with goosebumps from the feeling of a cold presence but I'm helpless from the dark void threatening to suck me in as its black tendrils of vapor wrench me from inside and out.

That's when I realize, I'm falling. I'm falling down a dark chasm.

The air lashes around me in currents as my body zooms past intertwining shapes that close in around me. Wherever I am, it's not my world. The dimensions around me begin bending and folding, winding forward before rolling back in mocking prisons. It's an illusion of hell.

Closing my eyes, I feel myself suddenly stop, as if I was never falling and when I open my eyes again, I'm not moving anymore. Instead I hear small chuckles from high pitched voices; the shadows around me are taunting the happenings of my nightmare. They dance in circles, singing their curses. My heart hammers in my throat as I cover my ears, but before I could block the sounds out I hear something--I hear my name being called.

"Kamilla." It's hardly a whisper but there's an ancient pull behind the voice that strikes fear in every fiber of my existence.

My gaze strays towards the echo where I discover a pair of deep golden eyes peering right at me. Beautiful, yet steely irises. Behind the eyes is a silhouette that merges with the darkness as it creeps in my direction. Lifting one hand, it caresses my cheek. "Kamille, why do you hide from yourself inside? Will you let yourself remember?" I'm frozen as the figure leans even closer with its breath tickling my skin. I can't see it's face but I know this thing is smiling. "Will you let yourself remember me? Or will you continue to be imprisoned by your own mind?"  

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