Chapter 1: Finding the Castle

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So this is my Loki/OC fanfiction I have been working on. Now I don't own Loki, that's Marvel's character, but Amelia is my OC. Enjoy:)


Far off in a different realm, Thor and his younger brother Loki were playing in the halls of the Acient Weapons of War, pretending to fight off frost giants and ogres, when Loki stopped and peered a the ancient casket of winters. “Brother come on…” little Thor said. But Loki ignored him and continued to look at the casket wanting to open it and use it for his own good will, but Thor provoked him and moved away from the casket. “One day I will b the most powerful god!!” Loki shouted as he walked out of the hall with his brother. And in fact he did, but in the midst of those years growing up Loki became very bitter inside and got very powerful; he hated his brother and his father Odin for pretending that he was there relative…he had nothing here in Asgard…nothing. So without letting his brother or father know, Loki took the bifrost to Midgard and hid amongst the human mortals, taking up residents in an abandoned castle far away from his petty father Odin. As Loki was in his castle, an old woman came to his door searching for shelter from a storm and offered the trickster a rose, but Loki declined her offer and turned her away. Then suddenly the old woman turned into Amora the Enchantress, and she placed a curse on Loki, telling him that he must find someone to love in order to break the curse and turn back to his normal self again. And thus, the castle was also cursed as well, making it hard for any man to enter its forbidden gates for several years.

~Several Years Later~

Somewhere in London not to far from Loki’s castle, a young woman named Amelia Smith, full of wavy red hair and beautiful face, was out and about on the town; she was heading to the library to return a good book she had finished reading. Now Amelia wasn’t like any other girl in London, no for she actually had intelligence and an opinion on life plus she always had her head in a book, reading away even when she was walking through town. The redhead lived in a medium sized flat with her father Marcus, an inventor for Apple and other electronic devices near the U.K.; Amelia loved her father so much that she would do anything for him, even if it means sacrificing her life for him. “Morning Papa” Amelia said coming inside the flat. Marcus was busy working on something new for Apple as the redhead brushed passed him and into the kitchen, “Oh morning sweetheart. Did you have fun in town today?” Amelia nods. She did have fun, but something always made her feel odd around the townspeople; maybe it was because she wasn’t involved with a man or was it because she always had a book in her nose. “Yes I did. Papa do you think I strange?” Amelia asked. The inventor looked puzzled, his daughter wasn’t strange; but she was single and need a good man in her life.

“No Amelia. Now what about that Alexander fellow? He seems like a nice chap” Marcus stated as he finished up his invention. Alexander was a billionaire slash hunter, who always wanted the best for himself and that meant having Amelia as his wife, but Amelia didn’t find the hunter very appealing at all. “Yeah, but he’s so conceited and ick…selfish. Nothing that I think are very suitable for a future husband, papa” Amelia said rolling her eyes. Once Amelia had finished her statement, Marcus was done with his invention and was getting ready to take it to the Apple Company near Scotland; the redhead wished her father good luck kissed him on the forehead sending him off on his way. “Good-bye, Papa!!” Amelia shouted, waving to him. The inventor waved back and disappeared into the crowds of people hailing a cab nearby; Amelia hoped that her precious father wouldn’t get lost, but you never know what will happen in London.

As Marcus was gone, Alexander and his little friend Rupert were planning a ‘wedding’; Alexander was dressed in a nice outfit and all primped and premed for Amelia, while Rupert was preparing a small band to play the ‘wedding’ music outside. “Well thank you all for coming to my wedding, now I just need to get the girl. Ha ha ha” Alexander chuckled as he made his way to Amelia’s flat door. The redhead was sitting by the fireplace, sipping some coffee and reading a nice book, when a knock came on her door; she got up from her comfortable place and answered. To much surprise it was Alexander; Amelia stick her tongue out in disgust and nicely opened the door to let the hunter in. “Good afternoon, Amelia. I have come to ask a small favor.” Alexander grinned evilly. Amelia sat her book down on a small table and made some coffee for the man; the hunter rested his feet on the table ruining her book with his nasty boots. “Alexander! Please….stop…” Amelia said sternly. The hunter took his boots off the small table and stood back up to face the redhead right in the face, but before he spoke another word he had to look at himself in the mirror just to make sure his face was gorgeous still. “Ya know Amelia, there’s only enough time for you to choose a husband, and I can fill that position if you’d like” Alexander smiled a wicked smile. Amelia walked the man over to the door and then launched him straight out of it, making him fall flat into a large mud puddle; Rupert played the music just as he got launch causing all the other townspeople to laugh at Alexander.