Chapter 38

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Your P.O.V

"Not good for the babies.", I said. He still looked confused. "I'm having twins.". I added. He let out a shaky breath and we both agreed that he was to come over later on tonight to sort things out. For now, I think we both needed some space I told him to stay here while I went to the shops.
I slipped my dress over my uniform and walked to the shops to go and get a bottle of water. Pointless I know, but I needed a walk. I got to the shops and recognised four faces right away. "Oh my god, what are you guys still doing here?", I sighed in embarrassment. They were all drunk apart from Chris E. He helped me get them home. I texted Sawyer to tell Sherlock just to come the now because I'm busy later I told him just to let himself in. We got into the house and got them some coffee. Chris E went upstairs to go and get some blankets. "Y/N, you know you're amazing right.", Tom slurred. The front door opened. "I really like you", he kept on slurring. Sherlock walked in. "Tom, you're drunk", I laughed. Two minutes later Tom tried to kiss me. Sherlock punched him. I ran to his side. "Sherlock what the hell!", I shouted. "He was trying to kiss you!", he shouted back. "There are other ways to sort that you know instead of punching", I said. "Well, sorry(!)", He said sarcastically. "Lets go upstairs to talk", I said. We got into my room and sat down. "Y/N, I dont know how many times, I'm immensly sorry", he said shamefully. "Look, you have to understand, when you are in the house and you find your husband to be, making out with some tart, then obviously, you wouldnt want to be with that person.", I said and took a deep breath in. "But I'm not a normal person. I still want to be with you", I said. He smiled and hugged me. "Lets just try to forget about her.", I said. He gave me a sweet, passionate kiss. I missed this. I melted into it and realised how much I had missed him. We walked downstairs to find my mum and dad in the living room trying to sort out the drunken boys. Poor Chris E didnt know what to do. Their attention was instantly drew to us. I explained to my parents that we had made up and it was never going to happen again. They said that it was my life and I was entitled to do whatever I wanted with it. We all spent the night catching up and telling my mum and dad stuff. Then two minutes later I noticed Sherlock got off the couch and was down on one knee again. "I know its not as romantic as last time with the screen and all, but, Y/N i love you so much and I dont ever want to lose you again. Please, give me the absoloute pleasure that I adore by becoming my fiancée again?", I nodded. He slipped the ring on my finger again and we kissed then hugged. I felt something graze my neck. I started to tear up. "You kept it?", I smiled as I looked down at the beautiful locket, that once again, proudly dominated my neck.He nodded and kissed me again. "God, Y/N I missed you so much", I felt his lips whisper against mine. We both fell asleep on the couch, still in our clothes. I was jerked awake by Tom. "Look Y/N, listen, Im sorry about last night. But I meant it.", his gaze then drifted to the ring on my finger. "Too late", he laughed. "Nevermind, its fine", he shrugged.
I walked upstairs to get changed and showered.

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