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Chapter Fifty Six

Later that night, Chase, Charlotte, Anna, Julian, Mason, Noah, Aiden and I are sitting in a big comfy booth in the corner of Sweetie's Ice Cream Parlor.

While we were devouring our ice creams, I told them all about my plan, and everyone loved it. Some of them will have to discuss it with their parents first, especially about staying there for Christmas, but everyone seems really excited about it.

Of course, I didn't tell them about how it was my goodbye gift to them; I still haven't figured out how I'm going to tell them that I can never see or hear from them again.

"I still can't believe you gave her four thousand dollars! You never give me anything, dude." Noah glares at Aiden, adding in a low tone, "Clearly you gotta be a pretty girl with a nice ass to get anything around here."

My cheeks turn red but I still burst out laughing with everyone else, while Aiden shoots Noah a glare.

"You have a great ass, Noah," Anna says matter-of-factly while scooping out the last of her second serving of ice-cream, making Julian look at her quizzically.

"Plus," adds Mason, "last week Aiden got you an oil change and fixed your exhaust for free."

"Four grand still would've been nice... at least a couple of burgers thrown my way," Noah mutters while playing with the straw of his now empty milk shake.

Charlotte looks up from the list that she was making, "Hey, he's buying you a two week vacation in a house with access to a private beach. You can make all the burgers you want when we get there."

Charlotte being Charlotte, she started making a list of things we'd need to bring the second I told her what we were doing. Thank goodness for her organization because I didn't even think about bringing half of the stuff she put on that list. Who thinks about bringing toilet paper? That stuff always just appears in my bathroom.

"What's the name of the place?" Chase asks, "Maybe we can google it to see what it looks like."

"One step ahead of you," I reply. "I printed out pictures of the house and rooms from the rental site so I can show you guys how awesome it is."

My side bag is resting with all the other purses on the top part of the booth behind Noah, who's sitting in the direct center of the booth. I kneel up on the seat and reach up in an awkward side twist behind Charlotte who's sitting beside me, and grab the bag from behind Noah.

I plop back down in the booth and readjust my shirt that managed to ride up and twist around, and rummage through my bag for the pictures. I notice only a beat too late that all conversation around me has completely halted.

The air suddenly feels tense, and my hand freezes where it is in my bag and I slowly look up to find everyone staring at me in either confusion, shock, or horror.


Chase starts, "Amelia—"

"What the fuck happened to your stomach?" Aiden interrupts, his gaze burning a hole right through my shirt to my bruised stomach.

I subconsciously look at my covered stomach and look back at Aiden, who's sitting directly in front of me.

"Um, nothing?"

Smooth, Amelia. Real fucking smooth. Everyone saw the giant fist shaped bruise on your abdomen that Dave gave you as a "fuck you" gift to Aiden, and the only thing I can think to say is "um, nothing,"?

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