The Fight

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The beginning of my day had went amazing. I woke up after sex with Dimitri. I got dressed went to school my usual routine. That was until I went to Stans class. I always picked on stan and he always sent me out of his room or to Alberta's office. She was used to me. So I got my books and went to Stans class before the bell ringed. I plopped myself in a seat. It was in the middle row to the right of the room. It was Dimittus turn to guard stans room. So I saw Dimitri out the corner of my eye and he winked at me. And my heart fluttered. But it was ruined by mia. She's a bratty snob. She's also a moroi by she's not a rare one. She came to me snacking her pink bubble gum and said
"Bitch you are in my spot get up."
She threw my books in the floor. I guess she didn't know who she was messing with. I picked them up while staying in my seat and ignored her. Lissa gave me a knowing look. I was about to break this girl's nose. Which I'm sure she had a nose job. Nobody has ever had a nose that skinny and could still breath out of it. Mia crossed her arms and made a humm... sound.
"Humm, you are a damphir you owe me your life. I'm a royal moroi and your just what the cat dragged in. I do not  blame your parents for dropping your sorry ass off at the acdemy when you were 5 because look at you. you are worthless.Even lissa cant stand you, she doesn't even love you."
That did it. I was still sitting as I said
"I'm a damphir I do sacrifice my life for royal moroi. But you aren't rare you have no element ability. You're parents never left you but I'm sure they would like too. And my parents sure as hell have never been here for me but the academy and my friends are my home. I do training for people like Lissa for her to live. Not your sorry ass. And Lisa's loves me were best friends And we're practically sisters for all you know. And if all you've got to do is worry about me and my life...  think again bitch."
Dimitri have me a knowing look with pain on his face. I smirked at mia drew my fist back and broke her nose. Blood gushed out everywhere and in mias new kim Kardashian white heels and ruined them. Now started screaming and crying bloody murder. Stan ran in the class room. And sent Mia to the nurse and me to Alberta. That was until Dimitri offered to escort me. And we told Alberta the whole damn story. I didn't get wrote up but Mia did and she had to do community service around the academy. Serves that bitch right!

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