Chapter 42

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Soaked boots dropped heavily into the river before lifting up to take another step, splattering water onto the riverbed as Ethan and Evelyn treaded along in the water. Carrying out their journey from the water was much more time and energy consuming than it was on land, but they knew they had a few days to get a head start from Zayn – if they were lucky.

If they weren’t? Then a few hours at best.

Plus, vampires were much faster than humans, Evelyn and Ethan couldn’t risk leaving any trails, so they decided to travel along the river, using the water to mask their scent and prevent footprints, it wasn’t a fool-proof plan, but it was something, and they needed all the sneaky ideas they could get in order to escape from the Vampire Nation.

For five hours straight, the two ran from the Royal City out into the dense woods, heading south, the most unexpected route.

After barely minutes of consulting, Evelyn and Ethan decided that they couldn’t risk Zayn letting out his rage on Australia even if a war was dooming. They couldn’t possibly bare the guilt of putting everyone in danger because of their selfish needs, so going east with Aaron and Alice was a no-no. They couldn’t go east because their families lived on the East side of the Royal City, so it was either North or South, and the two picked south.

There wasn’t any reason behind their choice,  it was random and Evelyn was counting on Zayn to think that they left for Australia or gone back to their families to seek safety, therefore giving them more of a head start.

“Are you hungry?” Ethan asked when the two finally decided that it was time to stop and get some rest. It was deep in the night, and the water had become too cold for the two humans to bare.

“Starving,” Evelyn replied through chattered teeth as he helped her out of the water. “And cold, very cold.”

Ethan laughed. “Well I’ll go get some wood to make a fire, there are food in air tight packet in my bag, knock yourself out.”

“Literally, or?” She joked.

Ethan rolled his eyes, but couldn’t help but smile at her bad attempt of a joke, it was one of the things that he missed about her, the weird sense of humour that always made him smile.

“I’ll be right back,” he told her before dropping his bag pack at her feet, and turning away to look for fire wood.

“Wait!” She called just before Ethan could take more than a few steps from her. “You can’t walk around in that jacket, you’ll be freezing.” She pulled out at thick jacked from the backpack that Aaron and Alice had given to her just before they took off. “Here, take the wet one off, and put on this one, you’ll be warmer.

“Thank you,” he replied, shrugging off the damp jacket and putting on the dry one, then he kissed the top of her head. “Don’t wander off.”

“I won’t, now go! Go find me some wood, I'm freezing!” She joked, reaching into the backpack to get her spare jacket.

After Ethan was out of sight, Evelyn sat cross legged on the floor, tucking her knees under her chin and let her barrier down, allowing herself to think of the one thing that she had forced out of her mind all journey.


‘How could he react when he finds out that I'm gone? What would he do? Would he blame himself or would he hate me for it? Would he send people after me or learning that it’s time to let me go?’ Evelyn wondered silently to herself while folding away the wet clothes.

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