Remember me - Chapter 20

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Remember me

By Mallory Quinn

Chapter 20

"The trip to America"

Albert, Alistair, Paolo and Josephine, were at Ostende to take the boat that was going to take them to Dover in England and from there, the boat will leave for America. Going to Southampton would've taken too long, and they wanted to arrive in time for Archie and Annie's wedding. At Dover, Paolo met Mary-Alice, the girl he was in love with, by chance on the boat; among all those passengers who were getting on board to go to America and run from this awful war. The boat accosted for one day and Josephine had sent a telegram to her family from Ostende so that they could come and meet her in Dover. She went for lunch with her family in a little restaurant not too far from the harbour.

- Josephine, said her father, are you sure of what you're doing?

- Yes, dad...

- But ever since you were little ,you wanted to take the holy orders, said her mother

- Leave her alone, said Ethan her big brother, I've always thought it was a shame that such a beautiful young woman like Josephine take the vow of celibacy...

- Ethan... said his mother

- Who is he? Asked his father, a missionary you said in your telegram? Which family does he come from?

- He will answer all you questions as soon as he gets here... said Josephine

- I think it's romantic said the little sister named Amelia

Albert was shaved and dressed for the occasion. He was going to meet his future in laws...Stear who started to talk a little, asked him;

- Not too nervous, Uncle William?

- Call me Albert, please...

- No way! You're the head of the family, I owe you respect...

Albert smiled and didn't argue with him; he didn't want to make him talk a lot.

- Ok. I'm a little nervous...

- Well, you're very handsome, said Stear, and very elegant... like the rich man you are...

- Yes. It's a change from the zoo keeper in London, isn't it?

- Who would've thought that Mr. Albert, the hobo who was taking care of the animals, was the head of one of the biggest families in America...? If I understand you correctly, at Lakewood, all those years ago, there were chasing you from your own land? Oh My God!

Albert burst out laughing. Paolo arrived with his girlfriend to stay with Stear.

- Wow, Mr. Albert, said Paolo, very elegant!

- Yes, said Mary-Alice, your friend is really handsome!

- Thanks said Albert, wish me good luck...

- Good luck! Said the three others!

Albert went to the restaurant to meet Josephine's family. Wilson Chamberlain and his wife Siobhan were part of the England's high society. They were proud to have a daughter in the orders, and a nurse who was helping the wounded at war. But now to know that she had left everything, in a spur of the moment decision, for a man...!

- Mr. Chamberlain, Hello, sir, Madam, Miss, said Albert when he arrived.

Josephine was looking at him like he'd just fell from the sky. Was that her fiancé? This nice and elegant man who seem to be as rich as Croesus?

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