Remember me - Chapter 14

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Remember me...

By Mallory Quinn

Chapter 14

"Susanna's visit"

Juliet adapted to her married life without any problem. Terrence would go to the theatre and came back in the evening. He always found her smiling with nice warm dinner. Terrence couldn't ask for anything more, he was a happy camper! And the nights were more and more passionate than ever. Her memory was coming back slowly something that never happened at the Reagan's. With Terrence, she was at peace and he took her to Dr. Green's office so he could follow her progress. Being with Terrence had a positive effect on her.

- Mrs. Grandchester, said Dr. Green, your husband has the best effect on you and your memory. With patience and perseverance, you'll get your memory back.

- Thank you doctor, said Juliet, but it's only bit and pieces... I still don't feel Candy in me

- Candy will come back in due time, when she's ready. Don't worry, said Dr. Green

- You don't find it strange that I call my memory "Candy'? Asked Juliet

- No, it's a little normal. Candy without her memory, it's Juliet. If the memory comes back, Candy comes back too. I understand, said Dr. Green

- Because my friends sometimes, look at me with weird I was crazy said Juliet

- That's because they know Candy and that physically, you are Candy and when you talk about yourself at the third person... no, you're not crazy. I can assure you, said the doctor laughing.

- Terrence, did you hear that? Asked Juliet

- Yes, Juliet, Terrence said smiling

- Ok. Come and see me again in two weeks or sooner if you have any problems, said Dr. Green

- Thanks Doctor, said Terrence.

- Bye, Doctor said Juliet

- Bye Mrs. Grandchester, said Dr. Green

Juliet was outside and Terrence stayed behind with the doctor.

- Don't forget, the less she knows, on her life, the better. Otherwise she could block her mind if she doesn't like the memory

- Like our break up...

- Yes... don't forget, when Candy comes back, every thing will be like it just happened, it's going to be fresh in her mind, so that means very painful... she might reject you

- Thanks, doctor. Goodbye, said Terrence

Patricia continued to believed that Stear was alive, she sometimes spent days repeating the same phrase in her head;

"I love you Stear, come back to me please"

A young patient in a cast with multiple fractures in a clinic held by religious nuns, was asleep and heard the voice of his beloved telling him;

"I love you Stear, come back to me, please"

"She got my message! It worked! Oh my God, it worked!" He said to himself

He woke up smiling. Sister Josephine came in and found him so happy and smiling.

- John? Oh, you're smiling! Did you have a good dream? Close your eyes twice for yes and one time for no...

He closed his eyes twice, Sister Josephine smiled.

- Yes? Whom did you dream of? Your beloved?

He closed his eyes twice.

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