Remember me - Chapter 9

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Remember me

By Mallory Quinn

Chapter 9

"Get the doubt out of me..."

Juliet woke up still with amnesia. She got ready for breakfast. Everybody was already at the table.

- Good morning, everybody, she said smiling.

- Good morning, honey, said Neil when she sat next to him, did you sleep well?

- Yes, thank you, she said pouring herself some coffee.

- What are we doing today, Neil? Asked Eliza.

- Euh, I have nothing planned...

- You can go to work with your dad, said Juliet.

- Go to work? Asked Neil.

-Yes, so he can show you what to do... you want to work with him one day don't you? Why not start in the mailroom so you won't be accused of favouritism?

The other family members remained silent. But Mr. Reagan thought the idea was good.

- Neil, he said, Juliet is right, you should go get ready to go to the office with me, instead of staying here, doing nothing...

- Yes, said the aunt, go.

- You have to get use to working, said his mother.

Neil felt trapped. He looked at Juliet, he loved her and she wanted him to work? So he was going to work to make her happy.

- But what are you going to do alone? He asked Juliet.

- I'll find something to do, don't worry, said Juliet.

- Ok, he said almost against his will, I'll go with you, dad.

The grown-ups looked at the scene surprised. They usually had to beg Neil to work... and Juliet in one minute had managed to make him accept a situation he didn't particularly like... Juliet was a good influence on Neil. He had to find a way to keep her for good.

Juliet went to the little house in the wood to read. Terrence wasn't coming anymore. She was wondering why. Ever since the dinner after the funfair, he didn't come for dinner anymore; and he wasn't coming to the little house either. Juliet was hurt. She missed him. Why wasn't he coming anymore? Did something happen to him? Maybe he was sick... They had become close and she wanted to see him. They were friends and she didn't feel disloyal to Neil because she was not doing anything wrong aside talking to a friend, she was not cheating on him... She was somehow nicer to Neil, after meeting Terrence like to make up for spending time with another boy she liked in secret. But she was sad because Terrence didn't come anymore to the little house in the wood, or for dinner at the Reagans'.

Terry was in the Chicago theatre making young actors in the making audition to make a little Stratford troupe from Chicago. There were all sorts of people, really talented actors, some who seemed to have come only to have fun on stage, because they had no talent whatsoever. Some were laughing, but some were visibly upset because they thought they had real talent. Terry had to keep a straight face to tell them the truth, sometimes the other people that were with him to judge the auditions couldn't help but burst out laughing.

Terry had found a small, one bedroom apartment not too far from the theatre and he had also bought a car. He was avoiding the Reagans for a while, since the debutantes' ball... no; since he'd heard Juliet and Neil in the bedroom... it made him sick and kept him awake at night.

Annie who had noticed that Terry didn't come to see her anymore to talk about Candy, went to the theatre to ask him what was happening. She caught him between two auditions.

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