Remember me - Chapter 5

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Remember me

Chapter 5

"When Juliet met Terrence..."

At the country club, Eliza was talking to her friends, Neil was playing tennis and Juliet was talking to some young girls who'd recently got married and had babies. She was helping them with the children.

- Thanks, said one name Mirna, you're natural with children.

- Thanks, I like children a lot, said Juliet.

She went to play ball with little boys and girls around the age of six. She had a lot of fun, and she had no care in the world at that moment.

Annie, Archie, Patty and Terry arrived at the country club at lunchtime. Terry saw Candy right away from afar. His heart jumped in his chest. He wanted to run to her, but he couldn't.

- Terry, be patient. Eliza is over there, said Annie, show us your acting talent. It's show time! She can't see that we're together...

- You do know it sounds weird, right, you're sending me to Eliza instead of Candy...? He joked.

- This whole situation is weird ,Terry, said Patty laughing, now go!

Terry walked towards Eliza. This last one saw Terry and her eyes lit up.

- Terrence! She cried with joy.

- Eliza Reagan, said Terry smiling and kissing her hand, it's always a pleasure to see you again...

Eliza blushed and her friends were laughing.

- What are you doing here in Chicago?

- I'm going to spend some time here to make a new Stratford troupe here in Chicago.

- Oh... and you're going to take advantage of your time to see Candy?

Terry had to call upon all his forces to say:

- Candy? No, it's over between us, we broke up...

- Really? She said sceptical.

- Yes, it didn't work out after the premiere.

- So... you're free? What about Susanna Marlowe? Aren't you engaged to her?

- She stayed in New York. I'm alone here, and I hope I would get the pleasure to see you again, he said going away.

Eliza was on a cloud. Terry was free?

- Terrence, wait!

- Yes? Said Terry turning around.

- Did you have lunch?


- You want to come with me? I'll buy you lunch.

- Eliza, please. I'm a gentleman. I'm offering you lunch and your friends too, if they want.

Eliza's friends were giggling. Eliza gave them the look that said, "Don't even think about it!"

- No, they said, go ahead... we're going to find our parents.

- Ok, said Terry, Eliza...

He took her arm and they walked toward the restaurant. Archie, Annie and Patty were at a table and when Eliza and Terry passed in front of them, Annie said:

- Terry what are you doing here with "her"?

- "Her" is here, said Eliza.

- Hello to you too, Annie, said Terry, I'm going for lunch.

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