21- Rigoletto

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Chapter 21


Amathis' P.O.V

I was nervous; from the very moment on that I knew Chanyeol was going to step into my room just in a few minutes. Yesterday night, he had watched us and maybe even listened to us.

What was I supposed to tell him if he asked, what it was about?

A knock on my door let a shiver run down my spine, my head turning into its direction instantly. I gulped hardly, my voice quiet but still loud enough to be perceived on the other side of the door. "Come inside."

The atmosphere had turned awkward from the very moment that he took his first step inside my room, closing the door behind his back. Our eyes didn't lock, but I bet we both found ourselves struggling to start a real conversation with each other.

"Chanyeol." I breathed out, a faint smile across my lips. "Good morning."

The boy stood in front of me didn't seem to care about a greeting, going straight to the reason that made this whole situation as unbearable as it was. "I'm sorry for listening to the both of you last night." He bowed down his head, a nervous expression visible on his face as he had lifted it up again.
"I didn't want to eavesdrop, I simply wanted to ask you something regarding today but then I saw the two of you and-"

He stopped, realizing how blunt and unreasonable all of this must have sounded in my ears. I stepped a step closer to him, crossing my arms over my chest.
"And what, Chanyeol?"

Maybe Sehun was right. My theories were once again supported by his silence, his eyes obviously averted from mine.

"Were you doubting me because of Yu Catrice?" I exclaimed, with a disappointed expression. "Did you believe her?"

Upon me mentioning the name of one of his closest friends, he peeked at me from underneath his lashes, his head still facing the floor. "It's not like that, Amathis. I didn't really believe the things she said but-"

"But what Chanyeol? Did you really need reassurance?" I started almost screaming at him as his stupid reasons infuriated me gradually. "Did you really need reassurance to make sure I wasn't lying to you?"

"Why would Catrice make up things like that?" He answered me with a question, finally lifting his head too look into my face. He was angry too, I could see it- but he had no reason to. "Isn't there any truth in what she says?"

I let out a disbelieved laugh, shrugging my shoulders. "Maybe because I've been here not too long and already have a better position than her? I don't know, Chanyeol. But do you know what I do know?"

I let my arms fall down from their previous crossed position over my chest, my voice once again rising as I stepped closer to him. He was nervously rubbing his hands as he observed me, until I finally parted my lips again.

"I don't need a guard or guide that is doubting me." I stated, eyeing him down from his head to his feet. "I'd rather have no guard at all, truthfully."

He gulped. "What are you suggesting right now, Amathis?"

A weak smile danced on my lips- but it was rather one of frustration and disappointment, an artificial, weak smile. "You don't need to accompany me to the wedding committee now, neither do you have to accompany me to the opera later." I suppressed a quiet sob that threatened to escape form my lips even without tears in my eyes.
"Just go, please."

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