Chapter Twenty Six

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Raine POV

I wake up to the sound of thunder and I keep my eyes closed to protest waking up. The dull patter of rain hitting my roof pleas for my case and makes me curl further into my covers. But the farther I snuggle into my pillow, the more I realize how hard it is and how terrible my headache is. I groan and slowly sit up, another deep roar of thunder groaning with me.

As I sit up, I feel my mattress rumble and I confusedly look down. I see West blinking awake, groaning as he comes to, and that's when all my memories come rushing back.

The party with West, Warren finding me in the few minutes I was alone, West throwing him off of me before too much could happen, my brother beating him up, and then me falling asleep curled into West's side.

I can't believe I was that...broken in front of West. I let him see me completely break down for the second time in our friendship. He's probably going to expect me to explain everything today, to tell him why Warren attempted to rape me last night and why no one seemed entirely too surprised. Distressed and angry, but not surprised.

I don't know if I'm ready for that confession. I've gotten close with West, no doubt, and I've come to develop feelings for him, but Warren raping me is a secret that I've planned to never tell again.

It's something I planned to never happen again, and because of West... it didn't.

I watch as he slowly opens his eyes and yawns, waking in a slightly confused daze. He glances around the room with sleep filled eyes, but as he focuses on me, his eyes soften and his arms tighten around me. I smile slightly, my stresses vanishing for a few seconds.

"Good morning." He says quietly. He lifts his hand and trails his fingers along my bruise with a feather soft touch. "How are you feeling?" He asks softly, dropping his hand.

I shrug, "I have a bit of a headache."

He frowns. "That's to be expected. Thankfully you have a nice brother who brought you Tylenol while we were asleep."

Oh that was sweet of-


That means Toby saw me completely cuddled into West's side. That may be difficult to explain.

I look over at my nightstand and see two pills placed next to a glass of water. Since West is closest to it, he reaches over and hands them to me. I sheepishly take them from him and take the pills, perfectly aware of the fact he's staring at me in a failed attempt of being discreet.

"You hungry?" He asks once I've swallowed both pills.

I nod, taking note to the dull ache of hunger forming in my stomach. West nods and slowly gets out of my bed, stretching his arms above his head. I can't help but glance down to where his shirt rides up and I swallow at the prominent V-line that reveals itself. He yawns and glances down at his shirt, looking closely at one spot before smirking.

"Did you know that you drool, Sunshine?" He asks, lifting his twinkling eyes to me.

I blush deeply and ignore him, standing up and attempting to run my fingers through my hair.

West chuckles and walks towards me, "I think it's cute." He says, and I roll my eyes, waiting for his sarcastic spin on the compliment. "It just means you were dreaming of me." He winks.

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