Is it really you?

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You walk up to the moon dorm gate,
"State your business here."

A gruff voice said. You turned to see the gatekeeper person who looked kinda weird,

"I'm the transfer student Y/N  Y/L/N the headmaster sent me here."

You say as he looks at you,

"You may pass."

He says as he opens the gate for you. Slowly, you approach the dorm with a knot in your stomach. You open the large door and walk in. You looked around the common room and were surprised to see that the only person there was a boy maybe a little over your age with longish blonde hair and pretty green eyes. he was sitting in a fancy chair reading a manga that you recognized as Black Butler,

"Is that Black Butler?"

You asked him. He looked up at you, slightly startled, like he just noticed you were there,

"Um... yeah how'd you know?"

He asked slightly stunned that you knew what it was,

"Because that's a picture of prince soma on the cover isn't it?"

You asked sitting next to him,

"Yeah. It's just that no one except me reads manga so they have no idea which one I'm reading."

"Well there's a first time for everything right?"
You said and he laughed,

"I suppose there is. what's your name?"

he asked turning to you,


You said with a smile,

"Y/N, huh? I like it. I'm Takuma Ichijo."

He said taking your hand and bringing it to his lips for a soft kiss,

"It is a pleasure to meet you."

he said warmly, causing a blush to rise in your cheeks,


You stuttered out, looking up at the second floor landing you saw a guy walk by with long dark brown hair and eyes to match. you looked at him and he, sensing a pair of eyes on him, turned toward you. his eyes widened just as yours did and in a flash he was in front of you hugging you,

"Y/N.. is it- is it really you?"

He asked, tears threatening to spill over from his eyes as he looked into your E/C eyes,

"Yes Kaname, it is."

You said as you hugged him again. Eventually a loud 'ahem' drew your attention back to Takuma as he looked at you and Kaname with a slightly confused expression,

"Care to share how you know each other with the rest of the class?"

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