Chapter 37

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Your P.O.V

I slipped my old CMA uniform on and stuck a dress over it. I put some shoes on and left my hair the way it was. It was absoloutley roasting outside anyway. Florida always was. I got to the CMA and went up to see Winter. I slipped off my dress and got into her little pool area. She greeted me with a splash and I laughed. "You having fun", Sawyer laughed. I nodded. He came into Winter's pool too. We got all of her toys in and spent the whole time playing with her. I got out to get her food and heard footsteps. "Hello, whos there?", I said nervously. I grabbed her bottle and went back to the pool to hear Sawyer fighting with someone. "Sawyer?", I shouted. "Sawyer, whats wrong?, i walked out. Sherlock was there. Seriously, can he not take a hint.  I rolled my eyes at him. He saw me. Im glad he did. Winter started thrashing about in the pool. I ran to her side. "SAWYER!", I shouted making him snap out of his daze. "Somethings wrong!" I said panicked. He came running into the pool and we calmed her down. I started to feed her the bottle whilst Sawyer fixed her prosthetic tail. She gave me a gentle splash. "Look, Sherlock. I wont deny you access to your daughter but right now I dont think I wanna be around you", I started. "In time, we might sort this out but not right now.", I finished. He gulped. "Daughter?", He asked. "I had a scan before I came out to Florida to make sure everything was alright. Little girl." He took a shaky breath. Hazel came running around the corner with Roofus. "Oh Y/N, Sawyer, Hi", She started. "Oh my god is that who i think it is?", she said. Yep she must have saw him on the news. "Get the hell out!", she shouted. "Hazel, just leave him. We need to work it out soon anyway. Sawyer do you have a spare uniform?", I asked sadly. "Yeah, I'll just go and get it", he said. Hazel's dad came around the corner."Y/N?", He smiled. "Hi Mr Haskett", I laughed. "It feels like its been ages", He said. "How're you coping?", he added. "Good at the start but going through a rough patch just now", i said sadly. "Well, we've all missed you and we're all here for you. Especially Winter", he laughed and he walked away. Hazel said she would go get some more toys for Winter. Leaving Sherlock and I alone. "Y/N, I'm sorry, but I had to do it", he sighed. "Sherlock you did not have to cheat on me for a god damn case!", I shouted, making Winter thrash. Her tail went straight into my stomach. I yelled in pain and clutched my stomach. "Y/N!!", Sherlock shouted. "SAWYER! HAZEL! HELP!", I screamed. Mr Haskett came around the corner and made a dash for me. "Hazel get a nurse!!", He shouted back as he lifted me out of her pool. Sherlock stood watching in horror. I winced in pain. Sawyer came back with a uniform in hand, he dropped and ran to me. He took my hand and told me to squeeze if its sore. Hazel came down panicking. "Sawyer's mum is on her way!", she said. "I told her it was an emergency. She said she was in  the neighbourhood so she will be here in two minutes", she panicked. I started to cry. Mr Haskett wiped the tears away. Sherlock was walking up and down beside me nervously. Mrs Nelson walked in. "Mum shes over here!", Sawyer shouted. "Y/N?" She said shocked. "Sorry to drop in on you like this Mrs Nelson", I managed to laugh. "Nonsense dear, what happened?", she asked. Sherlock walked away to go get a drink or something. I dunno, he mumbled it and to be honest, I couldnt care less right now. I told her what happened and she took out her portable scanner. "Well, dont worry? Your babies are fine. Just a little shaken", she smiled. "Babies?", I asked smiling but still in pain. "Y/N, It's twins, both little girls", she smiled. I laughed and got up. I gave her a massive hug. Winter started whimpering. I walked over to her and started petting her. She nuzzled her face into my hand. Everyone laughed. "I think shes sorry", Hazel laughed. "Thanks girl, if it wasnt for you, i wouldnt have found out about twins!", i smiled. Sherlock came back. "You need to avoid stress, dear", she said panicked. "Its not good for them", she smiled. "You can come around anytime, Kyle would be very happy to see you and be very happy for you. It might be good for you as well as being good for them", she added pointing to my stomach.

"Them?", Sherlock asked.

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