Chapter 1

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"Happy birthday to you!"

I sit up as I see my mom and my dad standing in front of me and my aunt and uncle in the doorway of my room.

Today I was 14 and I was excited.

Firstly, it was the beginning of the six weeks holiday. Six weeks of doing nothing...


Because tomorrow we are flying to Hawaii. 15 hours on a plane to get to a luxurious island with tropical beaches.

I smile brightly, "Thank you!" And I hug my parents and then my aunt and uncle.

We walk downstairs, passing the many suitcases we has perched on the landing. There was a suitcase for each of us ready to go.

I was really excited. Don't get me wrong; I love England. I just can't wait to leave it for something valuable and not one of my dads YouTube conventions.

We get to the living room and I see all my birthday presents scattered around the living room. They looked so cool!

(Bare in mind, we are now in 2030 (wow ok) so technology is very advanced here 😉)

I go over to the presents and open them.
I get the new iPhone 19x , make-up, clothes, other things but the best thing of all, a hoverboard!

Not one of them hoverboards from 2015 that have wheels. No, a PROPER hoverboard that really hovers and can fly.

I couldn't hide my smile as I opened the packaging and that object glanced back at me. I have wanted one for so long. Every YouTuber had one, even Dan did somewhere at his apartment (yes he and Willow live there) and now I did too.

I was really excited.

I hug my dad, mom, aunt and uncle for the second time today, thanking them for all the gifts.

I smile as I take them all upstairs to put away later. That was all but the hoverboard.

Desperate to try it out, I put on black ripped jeans, a grey t-shirt on, plait my hair and put a beanie on as well as converse and minimal make-up. I bounce down the stairs, "UNCLE DAN I NEED YOU ASAP IN THE LIVING ROOM CONCERNING A LIFE OR DEATH ISSUE!"

Dan looked in the living room and saw me getting the hoverboard out of the box. He smiled as he walked over to me, "Lie it on the floor and turn it on so the light turns green," he instructs me.

I nod as I do just that, "Now stand on it and it should begin to float upwards."

I get on and it begins to go up. I almost loose my balance so uncle Dan take my hands to steady me, "When you're high enough, press down with the ball of your foot on your right foot. You do the same with the back of your foot to go down. To move side to side you shift your body weight left and right-"

"Dan I've been on your hoverboard like a gazillion times. I know how to use one..."

"Then why did you call me in here in the first place then?" He questions, letting go of my hands.

"Incase, like I said, a life or death issue happened like me falling off or the board or it manufacturing," I say as I slowly begin to move around the room at a good speed. "DAD CAN YOU OPEN THE CONSERVATORY DOORS?!" I ask as my dad appears, opens them and I fly out.

"Weeeeee!" I scream as I fly out of the house at a fast speed, circle around before landing on the wooden decking where my family stood all but my mom who was making pancakes in the kitchen.

I smile at Dan, "See, I'm not as dad as you thought I would be was I?"

"Ok fine. You were a lot better," Dan sighed as he walked into the house after Ashley had called us all in as the pancakes were ready.

We all got two pancakes each and me and my dad lathered our pancakes in maple syrup and went back in the garden to eat them on the patio.

They were nice. Fresh. Delicious. Exactly how my mom cooked them. Perfect. Uncle Dan and Aunty Willow seemed to be enjoying the pancakes too, a delicacy they only rarely got to indulge on.

Dan's phone went off and he looked at the message, "Pj and Chris can go tomorrow," he confirmed.

"Good. Thanks for the late notice though," my dad rolled his eyes.

"It's Pj and Chris though," Willow shrugged, "Of course they'll tell you last minute.

It was as if they had been hanging around way too much with the pair of them.

Once again, I smile before I get back on my hoverboard and fly off around the neighbourhood.


First chapter woo. They will get better.


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