The baby's room

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"Aahahhhhhhhuuuunnnnnn!" I found myself moaning as Ryan kissed my neck and nibbled on my neck as he kissed me hard.

We were sitting on our bed. Ryan only had his boxers on. Ryan leaned on my ear and kissed on my earlobe. The lights on the night stand were turned on.

"Mmmmhhhhh!" I moaned again as I hugged him.

Ryan slowly took out my top lacy tshirt. I was only in bra and a panty. My panty was soaking wet only from his kisses. "I love you so much!" Ryan said as he kissed me, slowly and nibbled on my lips.

"Ryan . . . Ahahahhhh!" I moaned again and pulled him in a kiss. Our kiss was slow and was filled with love.

Ryan traced my panty with his fingers making me moaned harder. His other hand was holding me by my waist and was kissing me.

I moaned as he slided his fingers in my sex. "Aahahhhhhhhuunnnn! Ryan . . . Mmmmhhhhh! Embarassing . . . Ahahahhhh! This is so embarassing!" I panted. "Can you . . . Ahahahhhh! Not turn . . . Mmmmhhhhh! On the light?"

"Mmmmhhhhh . . ." Ryan slowly moaned on my lips.

"Ryan . . . Mmmhhhnannnnaaaahhhhhh!" He speeded up the speed of inserting his fingers in my sex.

"Shhh . . . Nothing is embarassing about making love for a husband and wife," he said as he kissed my neck.

"Mmm . . ." I moaned as I could feel the liquid coming out of my sex.

"You are so wet, love," he said as he kissed me on my lips.

"You are embarassing me," I said as I hugged him.

Ryan laughed a bit as took out his boxers. "No matter how many times we had sex before, you are still shy about sex, huh?"

"Shut up," I said as I was going to hit him but moaned as he bend down and kissed my sex. "Ryan . . . What are you . . ." He kissed my sex slowly and inserted his tongue in my sex. "Aahahhhhhhhuuu!"

"You are so sensitive," he said as he inserted his fingers deeper in my sex and started playing.

"You are making fun of me," I panted as I was blushing.

"Sorry," he laughed again as he kissed my sex making me moaned harder. Then, he pulled away and hugged me and slowly slided his manhood in my sex.

"Aahahhhhhhhuuuunnnnnn!" I moaned as Ryan thrust harder. "Mmmmhhhhh!" I could feel warm liquid in my sex. Ryan was basically filling my sex with his warm liquid. "I love you, Ryan . . . Ahahahhhh . . . So much!"

"I love you more, he said as he kissed me. "I love our little princess too."

Next morning . . .

I woke up and found Ryan was not sleeping beside me. I stood upright and got freshed. Then I went downstairs, fining Ryan talking get with a person on the phone. Ryan noticed me and hung up the phone and spread his arms open.

I smiled at him and went near him and hugged him. "Good morning," I said.

"Good morning, beautiful," he said as he kissed my forhead. "How is our princess doing?" He asked as he kneeled lower and hugged my stomach. "You are getting big."

"Yeah, I was thinking hat I should do some gym . . ."

"No, I am not allowing that. Doctor said that you shouldn't take any rest and when you go to gym, you get excited and over work yourself," he said as he pulled away from the hug.

"Then I will become really fat," I said.

"I don't mind. You are more chubby to hug when you are this big," he said.

"Ryan! You are so rude!" I said as I went to the kitchen and cracked some eggs to make breakfast.

"Sorry, love. I mean, people can barely tell that you are pregnent if people see you from far. But, you did got a bit bigger from before," he said as he hugged me from behind.

"Don't hug me! You are distracting me," I said as I elbowed him.

"Why? Is it because you feel extra sensitivity when I hug you? Naughty Alexa," he laughed.

I took the cutting board and hit him lightly on his arms. "Shut up! It's your fault that I got pregnant!"

"My beautiful fault," he smiled.

I turned away. Ryan always makes fun of me.

"I can't believe that your delivery date is this week," Ryan said as he put the plates on the table.

"Yeah," I smiled as I put the breakfast on the plates.

"I am going to be a dad!" He laughed. "We will have our little princess," he laughed again. "I would make her the most happiest baby in our family," he laughed again.

I smiled at him as I packed his lunch.

"She would call me, 'dad' and you, 'mom'. We will have our little family," he laughed again as he put water on the glasses and took it to the table.

"You are really excited for the baby, huh?" I laughed.

"Yeah," he said. "I even ordered some toys for her. Oh, I have a surprise for you," he said.

"Surprise?" I asked as I sat on the table to eat breakfast.

"Let's eat first and then I will show you the room that I decorated for our princess," he said.

I smiled at him. I never saw Ryan that happy.

After we ate our breakfast, he took me to a room and opened the door. I was shocked as I saw the room. The room was fully decorated with lovely toys and baby bed and other baby things. "This room is so beautiful."

"Of course the room need to be beautiful. This room is for our little princess, after all," he said as he kissed on my cheek.

The picture of the room is below.

Suddenly, I felt a pain in my belly

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Suddenly, I felt a pain in my belly. The pain was different from out pains thst I have felt before in pregnency. The pain was a lot more and I could feel the baby moving. I could stood upright as I winced in pain. "Ah!" I cried.

Ryan looked at me in shocked as quickly scooped me on his arms in bridal style as I was going to fall. "Alexa, what's wrong!?"

"My belly . . . It hurts! Ah!" I cried as I felt the baby in my belly. Suddenly, I noticed that some liquid water was coming out of my private party. "Ryan . . . I think the water broke."

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